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Ticked by time, 7am, colder mornings are soon and so as the heartache. Invincible realities in Nepalese model of Democracy is according to Mr Prachanda, the “Favorable” to the present situation. The biggest of the elephantisis (spelling- who cares) is crores of money has been wasted for, now unwated, election.
Aptly mesmerized oper the apathetical aura of Kathmandu, Nepal is undoubtly the country with the leaders, but wat till I configure and manuanlly set the traits before I could download or install into the machine, this new model of so called Republican Nepal. Kings got chance to belly and now it’s there turn.
People will come and go but the leader of Nepal, the most corrupt politicans of the World, the most mouthed suckers stinging over every possible, shark skins in the warm water. Got a new advice, burn it down to your processor’s speed, simply because the Nepalese system requires no Law and Order and no free press anymore.
Press run after netas– I hate calling them leaders, want to ask the YCL, maoists cadres, why should you close an engineering college in the outskirts of the valley purely for your political entity- which we are never meant to understand. Are you learned?
Ruled by apathy, the Girija Prasad Koirala- the inevitable time, will be the prase in use soon.

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  1. B RAJ says

    well, is there democracy in nepal if it means to work by the rule of law? I doubt anythining positive coming out from our netas………

    B. Raj