Interpreting: how people think?

I like to discuss this topic for the time being not in my favor or is it me not in favor of the time. Really, how people think? And mind that not what people think. I will try to discuss on the 2nd one sometimes for now.

Mean that ‘how people think’ for different aspect of so-called life. How do we human, the Supreme Being, think of our supremacy? How do we think we must react to certain circumstances in firm ways not particularly fit for others? An old adage goes “every man has a moon in?” Mind blowing! Many of us, yet, I bet, haven’t thought of our negative presence to peripherals.

The way I react may be fully poisonous for my colleagues and similar to my family members. It is not that what you think for a purpose is always suited to that. But, thinking for just thinking is merely wasting your balance and not imbalance particularly no matter how the deep thoughts might be discovered.

My girl thinks of her dignity but has that ever impacted me (is it absolute?). How could she think of what I’ve for her? Similarly, my sandals are “santaloon”- sandal woods for me. Yes, I do enjoy. You may find it a – bucolic worm. It’s your right. But Joys are Almighty’s assets, she is of her own way and my life gets on it’s on, the dependency or is it the despondency?

It’s almost how you think. I think this forum has its own side <<>>>. Online communities are what people really think of??? Procreates… Groups, forums and the social networks all in the second aspects do come really after being touched by a human flesh. Meagre, might be people like me, who find elation on being a non humanoid-me- chat, the next of kin.

Want to see instances of how people think? Think before you think anything, think before you act, think before you do by now. A more day to live a new day or another more day to minus your critical days- it’s just a bird watching and making a dough nut over what’s called apathy.

My own way of how people think……….

……….because the world’s free, if you think so let it be

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