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Unlike most of the guides on the web including that of the Google’s Blogger and the WordPress.org‘s friendly support forum, I faced extreme hard ways while importing blogger posts to this wordpress. This post is all about my blogging platform changed story. This article should be a complete visual guide on how to import blogger blog to wordpress.

Being on blogger since 2005 after cjb.net‘s custom pages, Ekendra’s blog got it’s new custom domain (ekendra.blogspot.com –> blog.ekendraonline.com). Even later wanted to get to WordPress to utilize unlimited webspace.

Changed the domain DNS settings and used the hosting service to point the domain blog.ekendraonline.com to proper working directory in cPanel. Now, it’s time to import all posts, comments and virtually every possible things from old blogger/blogspot blog to the brand new wordpress blog (wordpress.org).

Alas, no help for me, errors and errors, system would response for none, not more than a single blog post is imported (see the screenshots). After a month, used my wordpress.com blog to import all posts from blogspot.com and then again downloaded the WordPress WXR file to upload it to my own domain blog ie blog.ekendraonline.com.

So, do I regained all my posts but all major search engines including Google, Yahoo & Live Search have not yet been able index the new blogging platform inspite of telling their search bots to crawl my pages.

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What happened is the story of URI:

initial URI: http://ekendra.blogspot.com/2009/04/new-bluetooth-30-devices-to-hit-market.html

custom domain URI: http://blog.ekendraonline.com/2009/04/new-bluetooth-30-devices-to-hit-market.html

WordPress URI: http://blog.ekendraonline.com/661/new-bluetooth-3-0-devices-to-hit-market-later-this-year-‘09.html 

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