Heavions, Hellions and Girllions, Part III

The previous part has surely nothing to do with the exclamation over neutrino or muon particles. In sense, if I consider myself being on the helland (unpronounceable word) it's the solo part of me responsible for the tracking of venom. Darker spots of the umbra shadow are not here to compare and contrast proudly said Pulchowk Campus and WRC, this is just the therapy for mixing words of orphancy (existence unverified) over the intermingled and loved caress of my sweetheart.

It's okay. Yes, the three majors things I encounter on the way to electronics and communication engineering (though a far lot to go thru) are no other than ions of Heavions, Hellions and Girllions. I am afraid this part is not girlly furnished as told before. Girls at Pulchowk are customarily on jeans with overblown t-shirts (black and a simple image on, long enough to avoid hand works- pulling to cover backs-side of body below waist) and light weight sandals. This is the custom to go well with all boys. Shall I be more comprehensive on the deal? I have one and that's already on my side with my suggestions.

I must verify that these three consecutive posts are not on Engineering Made Easy nor they favor you on your test to a better engineering. Neither are the tutorials on Applied Mechanics to be studied by Electronics students in their next part as well. Ideas and time pass frames run on their way, and what can I do. Stopping is not the solution. It's like being a church mouse.

This is the end of Heavions, Hellions and Girllions. And I am sure, there will never be such another blog post at Ekendra's blog. The reason is simple. Frustation, too, has a limit. Necessarily this does not mean I nor You. The facts and words or my visualization mattering really smaller particles of maters on the earth as defined by the chemical science- ions, was all my HHGs related to. Ions from Heaven, ions from Hell, and the girly ions. Things change with time, it's your own virtue that remain with you. It's not a deal of engineering souls and spirits.

Limits are pre-defined agenda, to be on the safe side, chaos!

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