Heavions, Hellions and Girllions, Part II

I don’t know what the topics exactly have to do with these reasonably unreasoned remarks. Heavions, as I am willing to refer to, are the perfecto world. All engineers are a part of pride here. Few words that were left before my admittance in WRC played bridgetown folk tunes leading in long run to sophistication of dilemma. Electronics at Pulchowk is for good students (Oops! they will be good ASA they get in, unlike ours.), they make robots, they have exhibitions, they score good percentiles, they are really genii. I studied, but I studied just for studying.

Still engaging in, they study by themselves in spite of classes. It’s WRC here- Without Regular Classes, we have no labs, no regular classes, no real cheerleader, no guidance after all, we really have top most student political leaders. This is what we pride on. We pride to be seated for WRC only exam papers and WRC only mark weightage evaluation. The outstanding performance, then.

Now comes eagerly awaited Hellions. And this must not be stated since this has been already verified by the above paragraph. Yes, we are in hell and thus the aura as hellions- ions of hell. Do your mind catch the paraphrase associated with? Neither it’s ragging nor it’s gain-in-pain style studying engineering at WRC however many a students here have successfully became (I don’t care the communication format- I’m a WRC product!) leader, in their sense- a perfect, if not, a nice career built and ready to rock the market afterwards.

Stay, there’s more girllions are ions that define the part of cute chics. Girls are everywhere, they fit engineeing perfectly. Another more part to be realeased soon.

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