Heavions, Hellions and Girllions, Part I

Aptly, ions from heavens, same from hell and again from smelly girls, Studying Engineering was never easy for me. West Regions Campus, Pokhara under The Institute of Engineering [IOE], Tribhuvan University is not as sophisticated and good at BEing than at Pulchowck Engineering College, Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur. Apting something that determines your career must under scrutiny of detailed that you need to know before things, really wanted, happen.

Having been guessed and faced the confrontations, I urge you people first to know in detail, totally avoid superficial acknowledgement as I did, before you gotto know. Search for good engineering studying tips and similar engineering blogs over Google. Alas! this is (unwanted taboo) Nepal, one of the most poorest country in the whole world and the most poorest in Asia. Many restrictions and family matters involve in going thru one. I never got to know what’s fit for me and not  yet, and am afraid when will I? The life’s short who says!

This is a sure thing but not the Pulchowk Electronics so am I being sobered. Neither there are really good tips to study for engineering exams and entrances, this is sure the best tip lies in You. It’s your determination but I can’t, really saying, I’m of no such good thing. Not under good creations.

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