General Strategy, Have You got one?

It’s a Question Blog presentation by Ekendra.

  • There are five boys standing in a row. Each boy has a cap either white or black on his head. None of them knows what the color of his cap is? They are standing in a row in such a way that the boy standing at last can see the cap of other 4 boys. The forth boy can see the cap of other three boys in front, the third boy can see the cap of other 2 boys and so on.
The first boy can’t see any caps. They can meet together and make a strategy to gain the maximum score before they wear their caps. Each boy will be asked a question what s the color of your cap?

Each boy can reply or answer in one word. If the answer is right they get one score and if the answer is wrong, the score is null or zero. What should be their strategy to gain the maximum score? What is the maximum score?

  •  There are three cannibals and three missionaries to move to the other side of the lake. At a time at most two can go, notice that. When there are one side more cannibal than missionaries, they eat them. How can they all go to other bank of the lake? Write the route stepwise.
  • A fan is running speedy. How can we count its hands/blades without switching off? Also one can’t touch the fan by any means.

Developing General Startegy

Strategy to the FIRST question:

Presume:  White=even, Black=odd

The last person says the sum of the caps of his a head.

Eg:- white+black+white+white = even+odd+even+even

 = odd

 = black

The second last person says the answer by subtracting the sums of the other three from the answer of the last boy.

Eg:- odd-(odd+even+even)  = odd-odd

                                            = even 

And others continue the process.

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