Feeding Communication English for BE Electronics Students

Not aptly this can be a precise spoon feeding at level BE of the TU, aren’t I? Who cares the correctness at class roots? Here comes two para, ditto from the whiteboard: (I am not supposed to find errata, if any neither am I supposed to correct them.)

·         What does the history of civilization show?

Man always has to choose between the right and wrong use of science. Man has either used the inventions and discoveries of science or misused them. The history of civilization shows that in whatever way man uses inventions and discoveries of science, there is a big effect in the life because science has developed so rapidly in the modern time.

By Cyril Garbett from The English We Use


·         How may the pursuit of knowledge be protected from being harmful?

Knowledge alone cannot be so useful. There have been many bad effects of knowledge due to lack of enough wisdom. So, knowledge should be essentially combined with wisdom. It can help any specialist to understand what evil consequences his achievement can have, outside his field. The teaching of wisdom can prevent the pursuit of knowledge from being harmful.

Bertand Russell, OM from The English We Use

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