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Don't panic if you don't have a logo or banner ad for your Blog, here is a trialware and I think within hours your needs will be fulfilled. This is the easiest way to make buttons and banners.

Banner Maker Pro quickly and easily creates web graphics such as banners, buttons, and logos. It uses a simple wizard like interface so anyone can create great looking graphics without having to learn a complicated graphics program.

Simply visit each of the tabs to change the size, add a background or image, or add some text. Once you are finally done, choose Save and then preview the image in your web browser. That's all there is to it.

Not only is it easy to use, but Banner Maker Pro also includes many features for your imaging needs. Features such as one-step animation, mouse-overs, and the ability to view 100s of different versions of your image with different fonts and colors using the power preview.

Banner Maker Pro is product of GatorData, Inc. Detail information and free download (a 15-days trial) can be found at

Banner Maker Pro

Here are some simple, no-nonsense tips from GatorData Inc, the maker of Banner Maker Pro, that can greatly improve the performance of your banners.

1. Keep the banners small.

Make sure that your banners are small in small in size (kb). The less bytes the banner takes up, the faster the banner loads. The faster the banner loads, the quicker people see it. The quicker people see it, the faster they will see it before other parts of the page loads. This is the number one tip. If a banner is too big, it runs the risk of loading after the web surfer has moved on and may never see it. The is a free gif cruncher at Generally speaking, a 468 X 60 banner should be under 12KB.

2. Keep the animation small.

Animation definitely draws attention to images, but it needs to be kept in context and it needs to obey rule number one. More animation in an image means more frames and a bigger image. If you can keep the number of frames to a minimum, you can keep the size down. Good, small animation effects include a slide show or a wiggle of a graphic.

3. Add a call to action.

Entice the user with a "click here" or "free" or offer to go to the web site. This works much better than just a company name or logo and gives the user a reason to go to the website.

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