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Finally, the Blogger buzz informed me about the resuming of the clickable profile links. After switching to the new blogger, this service was halted and a lot of bloggers like me who am akin to search the similar profound interest’s ill with a lot.

In this span of about a 3Q, I am enriched among 3500 bloggers here in Nepal and a mere count of 25 in my home town Pokhara. Though this figure is not the real active bloggers, no other informative work can be stipulated on this matter.

First, Google’s

blog*spot is not only the platform for bloggers.

Second, though not a lot of people blog thru their custom domains, this figure is out-of-the-way.

Third, many bloggers prefer their profiles to be hidden or they pretend to be blogging from another part of the Globe.

Whatever the reason may be, it was September 2006 when I happened to jot on this :: Share Blog ::, I was informed- I was the just the single blogger from the whole city of Pokhara. And the 20th rank among the Nepalis blogger. But I never pride on being a Pokhara blogger nor a Nepalis blogger because many internet savvy could not go thru the aspect of the blogging.

The first time I signed up for myzenith blog on June 2005, I found what I were looking for- before I used to write custom frontpaged posts on the CJB network.

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