Better Image Quality Tips for blog or website

There are many different variables that can affect image quality from Banner Maker Pro to a final, saved image. The major item with image quality usually involves gifs. Gifs on the web are limited to 256 colors, and when you view them within Banner Maker Pro, they look fine, but when they get saved as a gif, colors drop out and image quality suffers. If this happens, there are several actions you can perform to increase the quality of the image.

1. Use a plain background instead of an image or a gradient. Each gradient or background will require a number of colors.

2. If using animation, reduce the number of frames needed. More frames usually, but not always, means more colors.

3. Text with shadows and borders require more colors – try reducing the use of shadows and borders.

4. Adding photos or images can add many colors. Try limiting the photos to ones that have plain backgrounds.

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