Bangalore Communal Riot to make people think over!!!

Everybody out there, searching for latest news from Banglore and for riot that’s grown to go. The incident took place in J C Nagar this morning (Friday) at a mosque, section 144 has been imposed in JC Nagar locality July 13.
Though the situation now is by far calm and under control, events as such are likely to make people ponder on why such? Alternatives are searchables, aren’t they? Bangalore news said that different groups had fights outside a religious place of worship in Central Bangalore, in Karnataka, the capital. The fighting started after a special prayer over the contamination of food given to a community in the JC Nagar local area.

The police sectioned off the roads when the fighting started. Rioters burned tires. No humans were injured in the melee. The Bangalore Police Commissioner, Shankar Bidari, said that prohibitory orders under scetion 144 of the CrPC were enforced in JC Nagar area. A case has been made against the trouble makers. The police investigation was ongoing.
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