10 questions for chemistry at entrance examination


Chem 731.                Amongst the following, the most basic compound is
a. benzylamine
b. aniline
c. acteanilide
d. O- Nitroaniline

Chem 732.                Polyethene is a polymer of
a. ehtene
b. acetone
c. propylene
d. none of these

Chem 733.                Which of the following mixture will produce an acidic buffer?
a. A soluble substance
b. A stabilizing agent
c. A dispersion medium
d. A dispersed medium

Chem 734.                The Hydrogen bonding is maximum in
a. ethanol
b. diethylether
c. ethylchloride
d. triethylamine

Chem 735.                The compound that is most reactive towards electrophile nitration is
a. toulene
b. benzene
c. benzoic acid
d. nitrobenzene

Chem 736.                One of the following method is used to prepare chlorobenzene commercially:
a. Dow’s process
b. Rashing’s process
c. Deacon’s process
d. Etord’s process

Chem 737.                Select the one that is steam volatile
a. phenol
b. o-nitrophenol
c. m- nitrophenol
d. p- nitrophenol

Chem 738.                Prolonged boiling of animal fat with lye is called
a. saponification
b. satin removal
c. ecoconsigy
d. congusap

Chem 739.                Iodoform test is given by
a. 1- butanol
b. 2- butanol
c. 3- pentanol
d. 1- propanol


Chem 740.                Which of the following amino acid does not exist in D and L forms?
a. valine
b. lysine
c. leucine
d. alycine


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