साथी संग मनका कुरा : हिजो र आज मेरो विचार्

Dear Friends,

Please, don’t ignore this letter. OR read at least once before trashing. Because this is my apathy about the program साथीसंग मनका कुरा .


This is not my first email to SSMK. I think I am one of the most regulars and very old listener of yours. <Should you know that I’ve been listening ever since SSMK was first aired thru Radio Nepal back to 2057 Chaitra, you can check all my previous emails if they are still undeleted. These days I listen thru Radio Nepal and every FM stations possible here in Pokhara.

I even record episodes so that I can make my friends and colleagues to listen NOT HEAR what they really were searching or looking at for. I mailed you for some books and queries on personal consciousness, decision making and temper handling but I am never responded. I never get disappointed by your ignorance nor your some of really unbeneficial and degrading episodes and meagre stories. Yet I listen, I love the program, I love everyone of you (don’t mind Sushma get +1). Once I decoded every program I recorded on my digital player to upload on the web for everyone to listen, especially for my aboard friends but thought I must get some rights from YOU so they are here as it is. >

The Programming Concept:

Characters have done their best to portfolio their work with साथीसंग मनका कुरा  in spite of iterative stories and tips for senselessly aping today’s youth. I don’t not mean so much bad or negative about it. The only thing that I learnt from साथीसंग मनका कुरा is to develop my quick mind over my enthusiastic field be it a smaller or scoped resolution. I think the periphery is also concerned along with the program. Because not all your listeners are aware or don’t need it absolutely.

In early days, almost music and your voices got equally share time which is not these days. A song at the begin and the other at the end could do the best, your song selection is incomparable. Thanks on that. And where are those friendly lovable quarrels huh, that used to mesmerize me and I wished I could partake on your studio for sharing at least my name. The forgotten war, oops the quarrel.

Interactive with more friends of different villages/cities/towns could add up betterment to the program. Let them express their views and feelings on shared problems not only those of your questions intended for competition. This might be interesting and only this is the reason which back draws my hands to write for this program. Please, don’t let it dumb.

My previous letter could have generated a sort of story to be voiced thru this program. I have not yet listened my (problem) type attention from your shows. So, different people have different stories. Repeated ones might be discarded. Please, hunt for more real world- listener sent-problem type stories. Enhanced if one ending goes as you intend and the other what might have occurred. Sometimes, it is a better perspective to have both the ends of a stub.

Language is the one you speak, words are exactly what should today’s youth deserve, songs matched, fully focused solution @ जादा जादै , questions directed to experts of the related field as psychiatry, socio-economy, educational, occupational, etc,  and many others right now I don’t remember just everything. I promise to write another descriptive/long mail again if you reply me.

The FACT :

You presenters, producers and everyone in the SSMK teams know where to improve or what next to do. However, things don’t go right always as expected. Please, think about my apathy. This is the letter of my loathe towards my best friend साथीसंग मनका कुरा and I am hopeful.

Ekendra Lamsal
Pokhara-7, NEPAL

[चिठी लामो भएकोमा माफ चहांछु, साथी]

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