Integrate BuddyPress and bbPress seamlessly- a tutorial

We assume that your installation of BuddyPress was successful. If your host’s cPanel has support for SimpleScripts, then installing BuddyPress directly from SimpleScript would be a better ides. Alternatively, you can install multiuser MU WordPress ( or buddypress according to your knowledge). Ensure you have also installed bbPress since we are going to integrate buddypress & bbpress, remember you can have a same database or different one for them.

Step 1. Install BuddyPress and bbPress
Step 2. Install & activate the plugin bbPress Integration from official Plugin Directory of
Step 3. bbpress-integrationFind bbPress Integration settings, on the Settings panel of BuddyPress.
On the bbPress Integration, find your settings for Authentication Cookies ie bbPress URL, plugins URL (generally leave blank for default) and WP type.
Do a little homework on Manual Cookie Settings, open the wp-config.php file from your host’s file repository or use FTP.
Step 4. Have passions
Now on the bbPress installation admin URL, find Settings for WordPress Integration, as shown in screenshot.wordpress-integration
WordPress Integration Settings inside bbPress requires to match up WP roles to bbPress roles. After finishing User Role Map save and move ahead to User Integration.
Usually, you will have to specify both cookie integration and user database integration settings. Make sure you have a “User role map” setup above before trying to add user integration.
Don’t forget to match up values for WordPress “auth”, “secure auth” and “logged in” cookie salt.
Step 5. Time to tell bbPress about your WP database
If your bbPress and WordPress sites share the same database, then you will be in benefit of ease.

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