one mile scroll website, top of the page

This website is one mile long, scroll to finish.

Motherboard recently featured this fantastic website which really is one mile (for us Asian, 1 mile = 1.60934 kilometers) long. You will need to scroll completely one mile to reach the bottom to top of the webpage.

one mile scroll website, top of the page
one mile scroll website, top of the page is dimensioned with 6082560 pixels and feature multiple objects. You will encounter multiple objects and people’s who tried to run this one mile distance at their real life. It would have been awesome if the website author had removed that vertical scrolled bar.
Author states at the footer of the single page website – response to what is One mile scroll – Which is highest when stacked, a million dollar bills or a thousand Robin Day Polypropylene Chairs?
The idea is simple: Translate virtual space into real life, physical distance. Ninety-six pixels for every inch, precisely, painstakingly ticked off on a website that just lets you scroll for one mile. That’s 5,280 feet, 1,760 yards, 1,609 meters. It’s called—what else?
You might also be interested to visit this World’s highest website (a word of caution – this website is awesome 11.77 miles of scrolling.)

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