Download full backup of The Pirate Bay before it goes down!


Megaupload, then BT Junkie, and next is the TPB. If you can’t survive without TPB, download a copy of it – Only 90 MB: Soon The Pirate Bay will stop linking to .torrent files! Question that remains unanswered, is SOPA operating underground now.

The 90 meg file contains all the magnet links from TPB as described by the torrentfreak and people are largely talking that TPB is going to shutdown sooner or later.


 ALL the pirate bay magnets are just 164 MB unzipped, 90 MB zipped. That is really, really small!

The format is simple. An example:

7015954|Ubuntu 11.10 Alternate 64-bit|707047424|2|5|5316391aed813d4283178dce2b95c8ad56c5be72

7015954 is the piratebay ID of the torrent
Ubuntu 11.10 Alternate 64-bit is the name (there CAN be "|" in the name)
707047424 is the size in bytes
2 is the number of seeders at the time of the snapshot
5 is the number of leechers
5316391aed813d4283178dce2b95c8ad56c5be72 is the magnet link hash

If you want the magnet link correctly, you have to write

Magnet links as shared public:
The whole Pirate Bay magnet archive: magnet

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