What is falling Bitcoin market price mean to the Bitcoin economy?

What does falling Bitcoin market price mean to the Bitcoin economy?

From few dollars to hundreds of dollar, a single Bitcoin, the popular and contradictory crypto-currency has seen its value all around. It’s also not new that Bitcoins related services have regularly been target of compromise and often taken close to illegal Internet stuffs. Whatever, Bitcoin be talked about with, the falling Bitcoin market price mean much loss to the economy.

The popular BlockChain site’s chart at https://blockchain.info/charts/market-price keep expressing sad news for bitcoin holders.

On a contrary, Coinbase is set to open first Bitcoin exchange in the US today (Jan 26, 2015) – aint that a good news for the Bitcoin economy? Well, the un-predictive economy of Bitcoin market price is always an expectation. However, let’s see how long does it take for Bitcoin to hit that thousand dollar range once again!

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