Become Ghostie, Surf anonymously with CyberGhost

Become Ghostie, Surf anonymously with CyberGhost

Is surfing public (WiFi) hotspots on your daily or weekly routine? If so, you might need to think about protecting yourself from the Internet world. CyberGhost, a premium VPN service (worry not, they got the free plan that works for all of us), tries to reboot the Internet for you by providing free, simple and secure access to Internet content from all over the world. So far, 5 million people have enjoyed their services – I have been one free user since 2 years now.

What a typical Internet users want in a VPN service? The desire is of full Internet anonymity, top notch Internet privacy and security, unrestricted access to blocked content, seamless installation and user experiences. Yes, ghosties at CyberGhost provide them all in all major computing platforms.

Take Internet Privacy along with you
Take Internet Privacy along with you

CyberGhost VPN provides Internet surfing anonymity from 30 different countries with 554 servers (many servers supporting unthrottled bandwidth, P2P, full video streaming, unrestricted UDP/TCP applications and other Internet traffic.)

You can simply unblock Facebook, Skype, YouTube or listen to Pandora, Spotify, or watch Neflix and Hulu without even being logged of your activities. IPv6 leak protection, NAT firewall, DNS leak protection, IP sharing, auto Internet kill switch and all VPN protocols (OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP & PPTP) features are provided for the ghosties.

Users can pay anonymously offline (payment with Bitcoins are also accepted) and have anonymous accounts, plus CyberGhost obeys privacy regulation of do not track or log ~

The freedom to express yourself uncensored is one of the most important human rights and can’t be experienced if one has to fear to be watched, monitored and judged. That’s why Internet anonymity is vital and has to be defended these days – and that’s exactly why CyberGhost VPN itself comes with a ‘No Track Policy’. We built CyberGhost VPN for privacy and therefore guarantee that we don’t log our user’s activities, communications, IP addresses or anything else, that could compromise one’s anonymity. We never did, we never will!

Those looking just to try out simple browser anonymity, can get Free Proxy from the CyberGhost here OR Download CyberGhost now to find the best anonymity service on the web.

You can enter the CyberGhost blog privacy challenge here OR view all CyberGhost server park details here.

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