World’s most expensive & luxury mobile phones, price on request

Here are world’s most expensive and luxurious cell phones that are not necessarily techno-high end. However, such gadgets are embedded with precious stones- crystals (gems, sapphire which may be even diamond). Now, custom Swiss engineering is flourishing everywhere not only for those classic watches.

Motorola Aura (IRs 111k)

Really a long run for Motorola from their car radios (Moto+Rola) to this hand-sculpted high end luxury mobile phone – Aura. The phone is Motorola’s latest high-tier mobile device targeted at the trend-setters. Are you  the one?

What’s in the Aura? Well, Aura features hand-sculpted richness, stainless steel housing, sundry textures and patterns, sports a swivel design. This is marveled with 1.62 carat sapphire crystal and aluminum keypad

Tech points: 16m color, 480 pixel dia, 300 dpi (so high) resolution, phone features (what’re they mean on such eye-candy phone, huh).

Samsung F480 Hugo Boss Edition (IRs 45k)

Heard of Armani, what’s this Prada? Well, the top design houses Armani and Prada are handshaking with Samsung and LG respectively to give the best of the design for those original gadget lovers whom money doesn’t count. Still Samsung F480 Hugo Boss Edition is not that expensive (Indian Rs 45k).

The touch sensitive F480 Tocco is a complete customization on each front- logo, themes, ringtones to name a few. This eye candy piece houses German designers. (don’t forget this is still a mobile phone.)

Tech points: 2.8in touch screen display, 5MP camera with autofocus plus LED flash, A/V cum FM Player, wireless connectivity of Bluetooth, HSDPA and 3G.

LG Prada 2 (IRs 45k)

The congregation of the electronics giant LG and Prada summed up to LG Prada 2 (LG KF900), the successor of Prada Phone (LG KE850). This second generation of LG Prada offers a host of many more tech advancement over the earlier version. Now with more Prada pack of Prada ring tones, wallpapers and exclusive video clips.

To be noticed is the superb style this phone incorporates ‘Prada Link’ ie LG-LBA-T950. Okay, what is this Prada Link? This is a Bluetooth device that can remotely monitor phone calls as well as read full SMS text messages without having to physically access the phone, which is most probably nicely stored in a Louis Vuitton Bag. This is somewhat a Bluetooth watch which monitors your cell phone.

Tech points: All those that hi-end cell phone had to had like 3G capabilities including HSDPA, 5MP camera with unique slow motion video capture feature, DivX playback, Wi-Fi, full HTML browser and what else.

Nokia Vertu Signature Collection (read below)

Oops, we even have this. This is because even there are people who would like to have Jewel-burgers (don’t know if this exists). This is the most luxury brand from Vertu, extremely high-end hand crafted mobile phones- stainless steel, hallmarked white gold and yellow gold ones of the British land.

4.75 carats of solid ruby keypad is itself more than enough to describe. The collection shows very special SIM drawer/positioning engraved with unique Vertu pattern. Stopping at nothing but perfection the gold or platinum Signature phones are authenticated by a Swiss Assay Office hallmark. The sapphire screen cover is fully scratch-proof. Special ring tones for Signature from special music composer Dario Maranelli- the Academy Award winner one.

Tech points: 320×240 pixel QVGA OLED display, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VoIP.

Oops, we nearly forgot how much this Nokia Vertu Signature cost. Want to know- okay. Your money can buy these beauty samples if you have a Limo. Vertu Signature in stainless steel costs IRs 646k, yellow gold for IRs 1767k (this is NOT a typo error- the four-digit thousand price) and the white gold Vertu phone is for IRs 1971k.

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