New Safari browser version: Safari 4

Safari is the fastest and most innovative web browser for Mac and PC.

itunes_like_interface-of-safari4Now, with Safari 4, you can choose your favorite sites forma  stunning wall of graphical previews with Top Sites. Easily create and arrange multiple webpages in one window using Safari’s elegant tabs on top design. Flip through websites as easily as you flip through albums in iTunes with Cover Flow.

Safari 4 is a public beta and is preview software now. Give Apple engineers your feedback on the Safari 4 Public Beta. Just click the bug button in the toolbar to get started.image

Safari 4 has got a complete iTunes like interface and features. Get computing in more tempting way. (click the image to zoom in)

Finally, Safari is in the list of browsers to include the preview of top sites- feature that was initially adopted by Opera.

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