LG's LCD and PDP Television, inspired by advanced technology, think before you buy LCD TV

LCD TV High Definition With a motto Life’s Good and See More, Feel More, LG’s television set are lighter than other brands on price but not in features. We, recently, bought 26LC7R LCD TV from LG. After a lot of searches done on “Guide to Buying LCD TV” or “How to buy LCD TV“(find some important links below). We jotted down some points on what are the important things to consider before buying a LCD TV. See inside the box, what we posted on forums to get help on purchasing a LCD TV.

Thinking of buying a LCD/Real Flatron/UltraSlim TV with minimal of HD Capabilities (HDMI), PC (VGA) Mode, FM Mode, and what else. Oops! and a good inbuilt sound outputs.

Budget: IRs 30,000.00
No idea at all but going to buy very soon, most probably after enough replies to this post.

Please, help me out with brands and functionalities

Finally, we got on hand brands from Philips and Samsung. We just eliminated Sony Bravia, simply because it’s just few ten thousands more than other brand costs, for no more extra features it contained. We didn’t want to spend extra Rs 28,000 just for one extra feature or two. 26LC7R LCD TV from Samsung was our final choice, Philip was rejected for it’s finishing, just following are few features of LCD TV:

  • 10000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 1366 x 768 Pixel Resolution
  • 3D Enhanced Noise Reduction
  • 3D Comb Filter
  • Brightness 500 cd/m2
  • Viewing Angle 178 degrees
  • PIP
  • 6 Sound Mode
  • S Video In
  • Input Components/RGB/HDMI Ports

XD Engine Full HD – Full HD Processing : Full HD (High Definition) is the number of visible pixels in a panel type. This simple illustration would help you to understand FullHD.

Some notable features this LG LCD TV of 26″ is sadly believed to deactivate Simultaneous TV and Video Signal Processing ie PIP, as our TV has it deactivated, this depends on the type of LCD TV Set you purchase.

What your eyes see, what your ears hear, aren’t quite enough to truly stir your heart. But don’t be disappointed! There is something that is more than enough for your satisfaction. It’s LG TV, and it’s more than just a TV. It is carefully crafted with the best technology and design. And with perfect images and sound. LG TV has a lot more than an average TV. Your senses will be delighted and the scenes will come alive right before your eyes. So, what are you waiting for?

LG’s XD Engine is proprietary technology for the functions it handles.

  • Enhances contrast levels for greater clarity and image details
  • Processes signals digitally for optimum brightness.
  • Equalizes saturation and brightness giving real life feeling to the pictures.
  • Processes signals digitally to get best picture clarity.

You can do an intensive search study on LCD TV Buying Guide

Other LCD and PDP TVs from LG includes

  • 26LC7R LCD TV
  • 32LC7R LCD TV
  • 42LC7R LCD TV
  • 42PC7RVH Plasma TV
  • 42PC5RH Plasma TV
  • RT-44NA48RP Projection TV
  • RT-54NA49RP Projection TV

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LG Televisions are equipped with the revolutionary Golden Eye Technology with Gamma Correction that automatically adjusts the picture to the ambient light. So what you enjoy is soothing and strain-free televiewing at all times.

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