What a good university website must have!

Bad website browsing experience of good universities, from left to right, non-mobile version of website of Indian Institute of Technology IIT Delhi & London School of Economics and Politics LSE; mobile edition of Standard University's website, screenshots from iPhone's Safari browser as of May 28, 2013

No matter whether you are related with some educational institutes in a way or the other, no matter how often you visit some university’s website, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is the navigation. Too often universities websites are well known for bad navigation and complex user interface (UI) design with too much of stuff everywhere and that particular information you want to look for is always very difficult to find. Most of us enter a university site aiming to find some specific information, sadly we end up in searching it with something else information. That’s where a good university website should stand like a superhero.

The Information System (IS) rule should be simple, maximum 2 to 3 clicks and your information is there. Let’s explore what makes a good university website (or a web portal in broader sense) and what a good university website must have from common sense point of view – seriously giving no focus on achieving greater efficiency in serving and enrolling new students by advertising unnecessarily.
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How I Earned 42 GB of Free Storage on Dropbox

42 GB Dropbox storage information
42 GB Dropbox storage information

Well, there are pretty much the same as we wish we could get. Oops, don’t take it as a false positive. You can get 2,000% more free cloud storage  space in Dropbox, yes my friend it is 2k % and I aint wrong. Dropbox has been the most popular storing and sharing cloud apps since it was launched back in 2007. By then, there have been many competitors of Dropbox on the market.

On this post, I’m going to share the no more secret of getting 42 GB of free storage on Dropbox. [I recently received a 50GB free storage from Box.net, the top competitor of Dropbox, which I use to sync important system files and folder among the devices. Plus, I use SugarSync. However, when it is the matter of ease, I prefer Dropbox.]

Ensure you have read this article Increase your Dropbox storage space upto 16GB for free from TechSansar.com where you’ll get idea to get maximum of 18 GB of free storage on Dropbox. Okay, first let’s explore how to get your first 18 GB of free cloud storage with Dropbox referrals and tricks as suggested by Dropbox officially.

7 steps of getting started with Dropbox
7 steps of getting started with Dropbox
  1. Take the Dropbox tour
  2. Install Dropbox on your computer
  3. Put files in your Dropbox folder
  4. Install Dropbox on other computers you use
  5. Share a folder with friends or colleagues
  6. Invite some friends to join Dropbox
  7. Install Dropbox on your mobile device

By now, you must have completed all of these 7 steps of getting tarted with Dropbox. Now, learn to invite or refer your friends on their university email addresses. Populate and share your referral links everywhere possible (NO SPAMMING at all) and tell people about features of Dropbox they might be interested in.

Optionally, track your individual Dropbox referal links or customize via URL shortening services like Bit.ly. Share the links in your Social networks, or even can put as your personal link in your profile besides sharing.

On the official Dropbox page: How much do I earn bonus space for referring friends to Dropbox? What is the maximum limit of storage in Dropbox? Okay, How much free referral space can I earn? 8 GB for a standard user, 16 GB for a student, and 32 for a Dropbox pro account. But, still to come, I’m just a normal Dropbox user and I have 42 GB of free storage.

How to get 42 GB free storage on Dropbox?

In fact, on this section, I’m going to write about getting 23 GB of bonus space with Dropbox as a courtesy for HTC devices (Don’t worry you can earn this space even without having any HTC Device). So, add up this 23 GB with previous storage earned of 18 GB which gives you 41GB for now.

Dropbox 42 GB before and after
Dropbox 42 GB before and after

Step 1. If you have Dropbox already installed on your Android based tablet or mobile device, uninstall it first (go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Dropbox and tap uninstall)

Step 2. Download and install this Android Package APK on your Android device. (Ensure you have turned on ‘Unknown Source’ under Settings > Application)

Step 3. Install Dropbox app from this apk file as usual. Supply your Dropbox associated email.

Step 4. Wait for a confirmation email from Dropbox “Dropbox bonus space received!” as shown below. Enjoy. Now you have earned 23 GB additional storage for 24 months as a courtesy of HTC.

Email from Dropbox: Dropbox bonus space received!
Dropbox Guru : 23 GB free

[How to] Soft reset, factory reset, upgrade firmware & install Android in Samsung Monte

Samsung Monte s5620 Reset Code and Software version

No wonder Samsung Monte aka Samsung s5620 is still a brilliant 3G cum Wi-Fi enabled smart phone, one of the best in 3G. This is also the 3G phone having the longest stand by and talk time duration phone of its time (jut a year ago by now.)

You’ve been warned! All your data including contacts, messages etc. may be lost during an of these operations! Copy all your necessary data/Contacts/Messages etc. to SIM or make backup on your PC before full reset!

How to Soft Reset Samsung Monte s5620?

Soft Reset is NOT a factory reset or a hard reset. This just clears your mobile phone’s settings to default one.

To reset your Samsung Monte, tap on the Menu button>Settings
Scroll down to the “Reset settings” option
Choose the items you want to reset:

Phone profiles
Display and Light
Phone Settings
Or select all the 3 items

Your mobile phone will reboot automatically. On some cases, you will be prompted to enter a password. Based on your Operator it can be:    00000 or 1234 or Refer to the Manual.

Note that, all your data on the memory card will be erased during this operation, so better backup your contacts, photos …etc on PC!!

How to Hard Reset or Factory Reset Samsung Monte s5620?

To force factory reset Samsung Monte smart phone, you got to release Samsung mobile factory restore code for specific mobile phone, here Samsung Monte itself.

First reset by dialing *#*#7780#*#* on your phone. Confirm reset. Then dial *2767*3855# Your phone is as good and as fresh and new; but wait…

In my case:
dialing *#*#77… required a SIM card to be inserted in to the mobile set, which I didn’t like. So I dialed *2767*… then it asked me for the master password of the hand set… then it showed admin menu/screen then rebooted after a minute or so.

Problem with above process: go this way then. In order to hard reset (aka factory reset or full reset) your Samsung Monte s5620, enter *2767*3855#

You will be displayed this message upon successful entry of the factory reset code:

Just wait a moment! Phone is being full reset, then phone will be restarted automatically.

How to check SIM LOCK in Samsung Smart Phone?

Samsung Monte s5620 all Unlock Codes

Check your SIM LOCK (not equal to the network lock), you enter the main screen: *#7465625# (need to scroll down the pop-up menu to see the following 11 different kinds of lock in your Samsung phone)
1. Network lock
2. Subset lock
3. SP lock
4. CP lock
5. SIM lock
6. Activa lock
7. Auto Network lock
8. Auto subset lock
9. Auto SP lock
10. Auto CP lock
11. Auto SIM lock

How to upgrade firmware for Samsung Monte s5620?

First you have to check which firmware you have
with your Samsung phone. To do that type *#1234# in your phone..It will give you your current
<SW VER> XXII4 … in my case: S5620DDJE1

Understanding the meaning of firmware code:
Based on http://samsung-s5620.blogspot.com/p/firmware-code.html article:
S5620 : Model of the set
DD: India – Land Code/Location
J: 2010 – Year Code
E: May – Month Code
1: Firmware revision number

Read the details about upgrade firmware of Samsung Monte s5620 from above website, and take precaution before doing anything. I did not even try to upgrade the firmware, because we can check whether a Samsung Smart Phone’s firmware can be upgraded from Samsung Kies software with the mobile set connected to it. Sadly, Samsung kies showed I can not upgrade the firmware for Samsung Monte s5620.

How to install Android in Samsung Monte s5620?

I have found there is a possible way to install Android OS into Samsung’s proprietary OS based phones like Monte and Bada OS. But the installation process is not very easy. For Samsung Monte s5620, since the internal memory is not well enough to run after installing Android, I did not installed Android into it.

But many people have successfully installed Android in many Samsung phones including Bada ones. You got to check the performance of those Android installed phones afterwards. Here is a video which shows how to install Android in Samsung Monte s5620.

Samsung Monte s5620 in Android Mod

In this article I tried to cover samsung monte android, samsung monte reset, samsung monte android mod, samsung monte – montedroid mod, samsung monte s5620 android

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[How to] Configure TeXnic Center for Typesetting with MikTex-distribution

TeXnic Center LogoTeXnic Center is choice of sophisticated LaTeX editor of many people simply because TeXnic is feature loaded and comes with easy integrated environment to work on creating LaTeX documents including thesis, report and journals on Windows OS. TeXnic Center is really a great software application to typeset documents of many types. However, installing and configuring TeXnic Center so that it works properly is not an easy. Here is a simple four step guide on how to configure and install TeXnic Center, assumed that you have latest version of MikTex installed already. This way integration of TeXnic Center and MikTex helps configure the former to give the full potential of typesetting and producing LaTex documents easily.

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Easiest and Fastest way to create References for your Thesis and Documents

To answer in one sentence: using JabRef and Mendeley we can achieve the easiest and fastest way to create references for your thesis or other reports. Here we illustrate a visual tutorial on how to create references for your need. One main benefit is that you can directly copy paste references thus generated into your Microsoft Word documents, without worrying the formatting issues.

What is JabRef?  It’s a popular open source bibliography reference manager for Windows, Linux and Mac OS; works on the BibTex standard of LaTeX documentation/typesetting format. One can export BibTeX/JabRef database into a number of formats such as HTML, Docbook, RTF, Endnote in MS Office, OpenOffice.org etc; and on the other hand works equally for many integrated environment such as LyX, Kile, Emacs etc.

What is Mendeley? It is also a free reference manager having native support to import and determine pdf files (journal papers) and sync them with an online account. This is an academic software for bibliography creation and research paper management; also gives you online/desktop syncing feature and to create a network of researchers similar to your interests based on your research papers.

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How to install Cygwin in Windows7 64x and run Linux applications inside Windows

Cygwin Running NS3 in Windows 7Cygwin is a development environment similar to Unix one and has command-line interface to work like in Linux but inside the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Cygwin eliminates the overhead of installing an entire Linux OS for running certain applications. There is a native integration of Windows-based applications and softwares to work in Linux or Unix like environment, thus it is not necessary to install Linux only to fun your simulating program. Wine, WINdows Emulator, on the other hand is just the reverse application to Cygwin – Wine allows us to run applications developed primarily for Windows OS in other operating systems, say Mac OS or Linux.

In order to run or install native Linux or Unix based simulators like NS2 or NS3 (Network Simulators) and OMNeT++ (not a native though) in Windows (without installing Linux), you will need Cygwin. Read Tutorial: How to install ns-3 in Windows 7 using Cygwin by Jason.

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Is your WordPress Visual Editor – Kitchen sink vanishing?

Graham Smith of imjustcreative.com says that VWVES is Vanishing WordPress Visual Editor Syndrome. Is your WordPress visual editor vanishing time and again? I have personally experienced many times the sudden disappearance of visual editor in my this WP blog site. I found no success Googling it and the WP forums as well, so thought of sharing my some experiences on visual editor getting lost in WordPress sites. I’m running WP 3.3 version as of this article. What to do when your visual editor disappears plus how to open the second row of kitchen sink options – let’s explore some talks.

Lost Kitchen sink/Visual Editor in WordPress

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Useful Tips and Tricks in using LaTeX

Some Commonly Used Packages for Thesis writing in LaTeXHere are some really useful tips and tricks to be used for LaTeX documentations like Journal papers or even your thesis reports. I have compiled some of them which I encountered during my Thesis and special study.

* How to remove or hide page number from (front page) LaTeX Document?

Often we have to remove the page number from the front page of our document say Thesis proposal. I have tried out many suggestions but finally one which I found best and easiest to hide page number is given here:

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Integrate BuddyPress and bbPress seamlessly- a tutorial

We assume that your installation of BuddyPress was successful. If your host’s cPanel has support for SimpleScripts, then installing BuddyPress directly from SimpleScript would be a better ides. Alternatively, you can install multiuser MU WordPress ( or buddypress according to your knowledge). Ensure you have also installed bbPress since we are going to integrate buddypress & bbpress, remember you can have a same database or different one for them.

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