Run WordPress blog directly from Google Cloud & Amazon S3 – Step by Step Guide

Configure your dynamic website to run on Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage

Cloud is NOW everywhere. Not recently that it was possible to run a full WordPress blog or a CMS website directly from a Cloud based solution, as cloud were simply referred to as storage options only, say for example hosting only media and static files of your WordPress site, this limitation however have been lifted up far or more from many of the industry-leading cloud service providers. The good news is Cloud Computing now provides various resources to host your entire WordPress blog assets not only the static assets (like in CDN approach) – the WordPress blog entirely in the cloud – Google Cloud or the Amazon S3. Read our honest explanation of Cloud Computing if you’re haven’t already.

This article will guide thru utilizing Google Cloud Platform and Amazon S3 storage to run WordPress blog or site. Do note that, deploying WordPress blog directly onto the Google Cloud or S3 is a little bit tricky unlike with Windows Azure, or other supported Cloud services. Any WordPress or dynamic Websites and many CMS can be seamlessly deployed and run directly from cloud storage of Google & Amazon S3 with OblakSoft’s Yapixx. Link or freshly install your existing WordPress blog with Microsoft Azure Cloud, read our comprehensive guide.
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[How to] Installing WordPress or any CMS on Windows Azure cloud, a complete guide

WordPress in Windows Azure Cloud Platform, make up logos

No doubt WordPress is the number #1 publishing platform right now, and addressing your blog reader aptly is right at your arms – speed, contents & responsiveness. This articles, as a part of cloud computing application, covers a fundamental step by step guide to run WordPress or other popular CMS on Microsoft’s new cloud platform called Azure.

Once you are ready with a Windows Azure account that has the Windows Azure Web Sites feature enabled, you can complete this tutorial. So, with this information handy let’s proceed to create your WordPress based blog on the cloud or even move your traditionally hosted WordPress blog to the cloud.

WordPress in Windows Azure Cloud Platform, make up logos
WordPress in Windows Azure Cloud Platform, make up logos

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What is Cloud? Explaining Cloud Computing in an honest way

Cloud computing illustration

What the hell Cloud Computing?
Ever tried to understand cloud at its best and the simplest possible way? Or some people like getting into cloud computing details, as explaining cloud computing to kids or first timers aka novice users; or as funny as Indian Minister explaining cloud computing in this video. Too often we end up at fuzzy meaning of Cloud Computing & what that really mean. It must be sponsored advertorials and videos explaining cloud computing at their favor and delivering them too complicated, otherwise, too worthless for general people. And this is still happening.

Sometimes, I still get stuck with cloud, is it a hype? Is cloud killing small businesses? Is cloud meant only for big and large enterprise organizations? Maybe I don’t have an honest answer to these questions, I definitely have honest way to explain this big things in IT now – the cloud. So what the hell is cloud computing.

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Quitting Firefox to IE – confession of a Windows 8 Pro-user

Cheevos - a popular firefox add that makes learning about different parts of the browser fun, plus bragging rights with your friends about your pro web surfing habit

How many tabs are opened in your Internet browser right now? Well for me, it’s 17 in Firefox ver 21.0. I’m writing this post from one of those 17 tabs in Firefox – the only browser which is opened right now in my Windows 8 machine. So far so good, but I expect sudden crash of this awesome browser. Yes, confession that it is still awesome, and I love Firefox more than Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Part time mood changers are Opera, Maxthon and Safari browsers, each of which have their own flavor of surfing. Sadly, in this article I’m writing about why I’m quitting Firefox to be all time IE user, there is no alternative for me since I’m now a full time Windows 8 user with all my Workstations, and personal portable devices being Win 8 and Firefox not being in those favor at least for now.

Too many concurrent tabs opened in Firefox. Cheevos - a popular firefox add that makes learning about different parts of the browser fun, plus bragging rights with your friends about your pro web surfing habit
Too many concurrent tabs opened in Firefox. Cheevos – a popular firefox add that makes learning about different parts of the browser fun, plus bragging rights with your friends about your pro web surfing habit

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Top 10 most popular apps for Microsoft Surface Tab

Fresh Paint Window 8 App
Windows 8 Store logo
Windows 8 Store logo

Now that the new OS Windows 8 finally in the town, and you must have already been delivered your much awaited Surface tab from Microsoft. Right now, Surface RT is out, and you will need to wait a couple of month for Surface with Win 8 Pro. No matter which Surface tablet you will have, lets explore the top 10 most popular apps for Microsoft Surface downloaded from Windows Store.

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Should I upgrade iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6? – Desire for iPhone 5

An iPhone screen showing the iOS 6 update - upgrading to iOS 6 puts you think once for sure
An iPhone screen showing the iOS 6 update - upgrading to iOS 6 puts you think once for sure
An iPhone screen showing the iOS 6 update – upgrading to iOS 6 puts you think once for sure

While I enjoyed my last week watching iPhone 5 lies and reading tweets about the greatest innovation from Apple on iPhone 5, I never make-up my mind to upgrade my iPhone 4S oops, better say iOS 5.1.1. For  a couple of days, I went thru series of iOS 6 features (to be precise, why would I be interested in features of iPhone 5 anyway) with any second thought on having a new iPhone 5 or even upgrading the current one to iOS 6. However, finally the day has come, and my B&S also pop out the update notice for iOS 6. A quick Google search on “upgrade iOS 5.1.1 to 6” thinking I would get a good bulk of advices resulted in a frustration because most of the results show how to downgrade iOS 6 to iOS 5.1 instead. I’m giving a try to learn consequences for both the cases – should I upgrade ios 5.1 to 6 ? Continue reading

First Look with Office 2013 – the New Office Productivity Suite Microsoft Office 2013

Office 2013 Welcome Screen - Microsoft Offic 365 Home Premium

Microsoft released their consumer preview of Office Productivity Suite “Office 2013” yesterday and it has dragged the attention of the whole world into it not only because it is totally a new product – by design and by build but also by the way consumer will interact with office application now – by enforcing cloud based solution. This early preview of the next generation of Microsoft Office is called Office 365 – a combo of Office 2013 and the desktop applications which we were familiar with but integrating everything into the SkyDrive, Microsoft’s own cloud solution.

Office 2013 Welcome Screen - Microsoft Offic 365 Home Premium
Office 2013 Welcome Screen – Microsoft Offic 365 Home Premium

This product streaming every required features not only during installation of the product but also when user is requesting the features inside the office apps. Let’s explore every steps on getting with Office 2013. Continue reading

[How to] Adjust brightness in Toshiba Satellite laptops in Ubuntu

Adjusting brightness in nVidia Settings in Ubuntu, Toshiba Satellite Laptops; Default status

One of the main discouraging things for me to use Ubuntu, the great Linux-based OS, in my Toshiba Satellite laptop was the inability to adjust brightness (discouraged to go Ubuntu, read this.) It has been pain in ass for over months, no matter how much I try to be Ubuntu centric, the brightness of the Satellite L740 kicked me away. The reason behind being I prefer to work in less lights, almost everything black if NOT green. Finally, I got a solution, how to adjust brightness in Toshiba laptops hence the article.

Adjusting brightness in nVidia Settings in Ubuntu, Toshiba Satellite Laptops; Default status
Adjusting brightness in nVidia Settings in Ubuntu, Toshiba Satellite Laptops; Default status

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How I Earned 42 GB of Free Storage on Dropbox

42 GB Dropbox storage information
42 GB Dropbox storage information

Well, there are pretty much the same as we wish we could get. Oops, don’t take it as a false positive. You can get 2,000% more free cloud storage  space in Dropbox, yes my friend it is 2k % and I aint wrong. Dropbox has been the most popular storing and sharing cloud apps since it was launched back in 2007. By then, there have been many competitors of Dropbox on the market.

On this post, I’m going to share the no more secret of getting 42 GB of free storage on Dropbox. [I recently received a 50GB free storage from, the top competitor of Dropbox, which I use to sync important system files and folder among the devices. Plus, I use SugarSync. However, when it is the matter of ease, I prefer Dropbox.]

Ensure you have read this article Increase your Dropbox storage space upto 16GB for free from where you’ll get idea to get maximum of 18 GB of free storage on Dropbox. Okay, first let’s explore how to get your first 18 GB of free cloud storage with Dropbox referrals and tricks as suggested by Dropbox officially.

7 steps of getting started with Dropbox
7 steps of getting started with Dropbox
  1. Take the Dropbox tour
  2. Install Dropbox on your computer
  3. Put files in your Dropbox folder
  4. Install Dropbox on other computers you use
  5. Share a folder with friends or colleagues
  6. Invite some friends to join Dropbox
  7. Install Dropbox on your mobile device

By now, you must have completed all of these 7 steps of getting tarted with Dropbox. Now, learn to invite or refer your friends on their university email addresses. Populate and share your referral links everywhere possible (NO SPAMMING at all) and tell people about features of Dropbox they might be interested in.

Optionally, track your individual Dropbox referal links or customize via URL shortening services like Share the links in your Social networks, or even can put as your personal link in your profile besides sharing.

On the official Dropbox page: How much do I earn bonus space for referring friends to Dropbox? What is the maximum limit of storage in Dropbox? Okay, How much free referral space can I earn? 8 GB for a standard user, 16 GB for a student, and 32 for a Dropbox pro account. But, still to come, I’m just a normal Dropbox user and I have 42 GB of free storage.

How to get 42 GB free storage on Dropbox?

In fact, on this section, I’m going to write about getting 23 GB of bonus space with Dropbox as a courtesy for HTC devices (Don’t worry you can earn this space even without having any HTC Device). So, add up this 23 GB with previous storage earned of 18 GB which gives you 41GB for now.

Dropbox 42 GB before and after
Dropbox 42 GB before and after

Step 1. If you have Dropbox already installed on your Android based tablet or mobile device, uninstall it first (go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Dropbox and tap uninstall)

Step 2. Download and install this Android Package APK on your Android device. (Ensure you have turned on ‘Unknown Source’ under Settings > Application)

Step 3. Install Dropbox app from this apk file as usual. Supply your Dropbox associated email.

Step 4. Wait for a confirmation email from Dropbox “Dropbox bonus space received!” as shown below. Enjoy. Now you have earned 23 GB additional storage for 24 months as a courtesy of HTC.

Email from Dropbox: Dropbox bonus space received!
Dropbox Guru : 23 GB free

[How to] Soft reset, factory reset, upgrade firmware & install Android in Samsung Monte

Samsung Monte s5620 Reset Code and Software version

No wonder Samsung Monte aka Samsung s5620 is still a brilliant 3G cum Wi-Fi enabled smart phone, one of the best in 3G. This is also the 3G phone having the longest stand by and talk time duration phone of its time (jut a year ago by now.)

You’ve been warned! All your data including contacts, messages etc. may be lost during an of these operations! Copy all your necessary data/Contacts/Messages etc. to SIM or make backup on your PC before full reset!

How to Soft Reset Samsung Monte s5620?

Soft Reset is NOT a factory reset or a hard reset. This just clears your mobile phone’s settings to default one.

To reset your Samsung Monte, tap on the Menu button>Settings
Scroll down to the “Reset settings” option
Choose the items you want to reset:

Phone profiles
Display and Light
Phone Settings
Or select all the 3 items

Your mobile phone will reboot automatically. On some cases, you will be prompted to enter a password. Based on your Operator it can be:    00000 or 1234 or Refer to the Manual.

Note that, all your data on the memory card will be erased during this operation, so better backup your contacts, photos …etc on PC!!

How to Hard Reset or Factory Reset Samsung Monte s5620?

To force factory reset Samsung Monte smart phone, you got to release Samsung mobile factory restore code for specific mobile phone, here Samsung Monte itself.

First reset by dialing *#*#7780#*#* on your phone. Confirm reset. Then dial *2767*3855# Your phone is as good and as fresh and new; but wait…

In my case:
dialing *#*#77… required a SIM card to be inserted in to the mobile set, which I didn’t like. So I dialed *2767*… then it asked me for the master password of the hand set… then it showed admin menu/screen then rebooted after a minute or so.

Problem with above process: go this way then. In order to hard reset (aka factory reset or full reset) your Samsung Monte s5620, enter *2767*3855#

You will be displayed this message upon successful entry of the factory reset code:

Just wait a moment! Phone is being full reset, then phone will be restarted automatically.

How to check SIM LOCK in Samsung Smart Phone?

Samsung Monte s5620 all Unlock Codes

Check your SIM LOCK (not equal to the network lock), you enter the main screen: *#7465625# (need to scroll down the pop-up menu to see the following 11 different kinds of lock in your Samsung phone)
1. Network lock
2. Subset lock
3. SP lock
4. CP lock
5. SIM lock
6. Activa lock
7. Auto Network lock
8. Auto subset lock
9. Auto SP lock
10. Auto CP lock
11. Auto SIM lock

How to upgrade firmware for Samsung Monte s5620?

First you have to check which firmware you have
with your Samsung phone. To do that type *#1234# in your phone..It will give you your current
<SW VER> XXII4 … in my case: S5620DDJE1

Understanding the meaning of firmware code:
Based on article:
S5620 : Model of the set
DD: India – Land Code/Location
J: 2010 – Year Code
E: May – Month Code
1: Firmware revision number

Read the details about upgrade firmware of Samsung Monte s5620 from above website, and take precaution before doing anything. I did not even try to upgrade the firmware, because we can check whether a Samsung Smart Phone’s firmware can be upgraded from Samsung Kies software with the mobile set connected to it. Sadly, Samsung kies showed I can not upgrade the firmware for Samsung Monte s5620.

How to install Android in Samsung Monte s5620?

I have found there is a possible way to install Android OS into Samsung’s proprietary OS based phones like Monte and Bada OS. But the installation process is not very easy. For Samsung Monte s5620, since the internal memory is not well enough to run after installing Android, I did not installed Android into it.

But many people have successfully installed Android in many Samsung phones including Bada ones. You got to check the performance of those Android installed phones afterwards. Here is a video which shows how to install Android in Samsung Monte s5620.

Samsung Monte s5620 in Android Mod

In this article I tried to cover samsung monte android, samsung monte reset, samsung monte android mod, samsung monte – montedroid mod, samsung monte s5620 android

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