Microsoft released their consumer preview of Office Productivity Suite “Office 2013” yesterday and it has dragged the attention of the whole world into it not only because it is totally a new product – by design and by build but also by the way consumer will interact with office application now – by enforcing cloud based solution. This early preview of the next generation of Microsoft Office is called Office 365 – a combo of Office 2013 and the desktop applications which we were familiar with but integrating everything into the SkyDrive, Microsoft’s own cloud solution.

Office 2013 Welcome Screen - Microsoft Offic 365 Home Premium

Office 2013 Welcome Screen – Microsoft Offic 365 Home Premium

This product streaming every required features not only during installation of the product but also when user is requesting the features inside the office apps. Let’s explore every steps on getting with Office 2013.

How to download Office 2013?

Well Microsoft is going tough this time, maybe an effort to counterfeit the piracy if not some hidden business deals. You can download Office 2013 Consumer Preview from official Microsoft Office home page (login required).

However, there is an option to download Office 2013 offline, and I believe Microsoft doesn’t prefer this (atleast they don’t prioritize it.)

How to install Office 2013?

Strange that downloading Office 365 also automatically installs it into your computer if you are using the online installer, lest you should manually install Office as usual with the previous versions.

So, how does brand new Office 2013 look like?

It has been a normal that Microsoft is changing the icons and logos of the Office apps on every release, however this time the icons and logos are fantastic. The graphics is superb, best for tablet and touch best devices.

Without a menus (not displayed by default) you feel like something is lacking in Word and Excel. There are many new options introduced in the Word tabs, the screenshot here depicts a series of new tab features. Office 2013 supports online pictures, apps for office and online videos by default.