[How to] Create your own Digital Identity with OpenID and WordPress site or blog

There might be many reasons why your need your own digital identity. Digital identity in terms of your blog or site representing as you in the entire cyberspace. If you have a WordPress blog or site, you can use the URL of your blog as a digital identity, the usage might be many including OpenID appreciation which allows you to log in to sites that support OpenID. Basically, OpenID is an open standard that allows users to authenticate to websites without having to create a new password.

Digital identity is a psychological identity that prevails in the domains of cyberspace, and is defined as a set of data that uniquely describes a person or a thing (sometimes referred to as subject or entity) and contains information about the subject’s relationships to other entities ~ Wikipedia

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Get your own personalized DuckDuckGo homepage

For those of us who are over concerned with the privacy and tracking issues with the Google giant, there has been many alternatives search engines that don’t track user activities. DuckDuckGo is a crowd-sourced search engine highlighting that they don’t record user activities. In their own words, “We don’t track or bubble you!” Now, if you use DDG frequently you can have your own personalized DuckDuckGo homepage using your Twitter account – here is how.

Get your own personalized DuckDuckGo homepage easily - http://bit.ly/KtVpAE
Get your own personalized DuckDuckGo homepage easily – http://bit.ly/KtVpAE

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Is your WordPress Visual Editor – Kitchen sink vanishing?

Graham Smith of imjustcreative.com says that VWVES is Vanishing WordPress Visual Editor Syndrome. Is your WordPress visual editor vanishing time and again? I have personally experienced many times the sudden disappearance of visual editor in my this WP blog site. I found no success Googling it and the WP forums as well, so thought of sharing my some experiences on visual editor getting lost in WordPress sites. I’m running WP 3.3 version as of this article. What to do when your visual editor disappears plus how to open the second row of kitchen sink options – let’s explore some talks.

Lost Kitchen sink/Visual Editor in WordPress

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Remove NewFolder.exe virus

Ever since I switched back to 32 bit of Windows 7 from 64 bit Windows Vista, I’ve been experiencing worms and viruses transmitted from removable disks and internet downloads.

It seems like 64 bit OS has stronger security enabled capacity in terms that it is hard for viruses and worms to get the system on their hands, but 32 bit OS seems lame, gets infected easily.

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Fake email trying to hack hotmail password: Spammed and hunted

Today, lots of people received (at least most of my contacts) fake and spam email that claim to be coming from Windows Live Hotmail but in fact the email was a spam sent by svgandhi_49. It seems to be an Indian ID, since the email was forwared we couldn’t track IP of the source. Here, follows the received Hotmail Spam email (ditto) that tried to hack hotmail / Windows Live Mail password. Please, be aware of such emails. Continue reading

Maximize your computer performance using TuneUp Utilities 2009

Your car’s dashboard computer lets you know when an oil change is needed and when your next service is due. The new TuneUp Utilities Start Center fulfills this role for your computer. It indicates problems it finds, what has changed since the last startup, and whether your computer settings are optimal.

Let’s begin to discuss maximum utilization of

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Recover forgotten or lost password of a ZIP, RAR or ACE with Password Recovery

zip-encrypted-file-icon There are two possibilities either we forget the password of achieved (ZIP, RAR or ACE) file or we try to break into somebody else’s or downloaded achieve. Whatever the situation be, Password Recovery software from Serhiy Horobets (keylack.com) will work for you.

This is the official reply to How to recover password of zip, rar, ace file; though the process involved is not new at all.

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