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For those of us who are over concerned with the privacy and tracking issues with the Google giant, there has been many alternatives search engines that don’t track user activities. DuckDuckGo is a crowd-sourced search engine highlighting that they don’t record user activities. In their own words, “We don’t track or bubble you!” Now, if you use DDG frequently you can have your own personalized DuckDuckGo homepage using your Twitter account – here is how.

Get your own personalized DuckDuckGo homepage easily -
Get your own personalized DuckDuckGo homepage easily –

Personalized DuckDuckGo homepage is best for Twitter addict because it shows your public tweets as published by (warning: Google says this site is prone to malware or effected.)
Open, click settings and go to Look & Feel, you can the entire world. Supply your Twitter handle (without @). You can also fully customize DuckDuckGo and save it anonymously in the cloud which can be deleted later.
The personalized DuckDuckGo home page uses Twitter handle in the URI, like the one for me is:
Sadly, DuckDuckGo has without your permission already created your personalized page from your public Twitter account name. I don’t know whether this is invasion of your privacy, and whether it adhere to DDG’s policy not to track you down. (Try this one, remove my name and append yours in the DDG’s personalized URL.)
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