Cost of Living Index in Nepal – Statistics & Graphs of Nepalese Citizen’s Economic Power

The Quality of Life Index in Nepal much less than desirous.

With the increasing number of expats in the country and higher than that the number of people going out of the country mostly for the job and the education, makes it difficult to evaluate and understand the Cost of Living Index (CoLI) in Nepal. With some third party figures, we provide some of the comparative indicators of Cost of Living Indices in Nepal.

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30 days with Machhapuchhre, A Photo Blog

Fishtail over the clouds, Few lake Pokhara

Machhapuchhre (माछापुछ्रे), the Fishtail Mountain vibrantly seen from Pokhara, lies in the Annapurna Himalayan Range (Coordinates 28°29′42″N 83°56′57″E). I tried to cover some photographs of this mountain from my home in Pokhara last October-November over an entire range of the month, but since winter had just started there were many days when the beauty of the Himalayas could not be seen.

Trivia: Machhapuchhre is the only mountain in Nepal which is not allowed for conquering!

Day 1: Machhapuchhre looks awesome, maybe I’ve been watching at this beauty after a long time. Whatever, Fishtail is always enchantable to most of us. Below is the typical picture of how it is seen from almost all homes in Pokhara city.

Machhapuchhre as it is seen from almost all homes in Pokhara!
Machhapuchhre as it is seen from almost all homes in Pokhara!

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Facebook Places go viral – can Nepalese business benefit?

Facebook has been virally implementing places in almost every possible modules in the site after purchase a location-based social network site Gowalla this week. The check-in feature in Facebook is the one to go virtual after its availability in the mobile version of the social site Facebook including the touch edition of the same. But does this have real effect in Nepalese business?

The new facebook timeline gives its user ability to add-in life events like a dairy, the places module in which gives all your stories about location, where one has lived, how many trips covered. Plus geo-location based photos is what Facebook has been focusing now. Time and again it is asking me “You have been to Pattaya on …. have you taken this photo there?” awesome… it looks like. Since many of the photos are already meta GPS coordinates embedded (not a good word for this for sure), Facebook can automatically determine the place, but asking user to verify is surely a good thing.


This screenshot from Facebook places show stories on places shared, places lived and other location based life event, followed by the photos taken at various places.

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Non intermittent Rain, Pokhara City and the Home Stay

For last few days, it has been raining non-intermittently in the valley of Pokhara. The Monsoon madness has already shown the impacts to people. Landslides, floods and erosion are inevitable during Monsoon in Nepal from April till October. This cause lots of loss of life and property in our country annually. We just pretend to be watching or hearing the news rather than acting as always; however the Government should not be putting oil in its ears and eyes during such natural calamities. Continue reading

Ending a Chapter – it appendages until you cut it!

The chapter with WRC should have been virtually over by now, though theoretically. It seems like the clinging of the herbs and shrubs on the auras of Pokhara – for a prudency that seeks the thought. More than 54 months passed (it might reach as much as 56 or even higher) but the sense with the chiller morning in WRC has remained even like chillier part of everyday fried C Mo:Mo – the favorite fast food that became during the study.

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Best Christmas SMS for 2009 – Send best Christmas SMS to your friends

Happy Holidays, share the good news of Christmas 2009! Pics by fdi.caWishing you all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas 2009! Nepalese way of celebrating Christmas and holiday season is already out, even the Google wishes us happy holiday.

Cool collection of Merry Christmas X-mas sms messages here. Yes, say happy Christmas to your friends by sending great collection of Merry Christmas sms messages and shayari. The traditional greeting phrase on these sms messages is “Merry Christmas”. SMS messages are also produced with messages such as “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” Continue reading

सुन्सान देश अनि नागरिक सर्वोचता : NepalBandh – the way Maobadi wants

फेरी पनि नेपाल बन्द कस्तो मज्जा है!

माओवादीको नागरिक सर्वोचताको लागि नेपाल बन्ध रे!

नेपालबन्दको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

बल्ल बन्द भयो, तैपनि अफिस जानैपर्ने है

बरु एक्-दुई महिनै बन्द गरे कसो होला

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