Non intermittent Rain, Pokhara City and the Home Stay

For last few days, it has been raining non-intermittently in the valley of Pokhara. The Monsoon madness has already shown the impacts to people. Landslides, floods and erosion are inevitable during Monsoon in Nepal from April till October. This cause lots of loss of life and property in our country annually. We just pretend to be watching or hearing the news rather than acting as always; however the Government should not be putting oil in its ears and eyes during such natural calamities.

Booting to Taal Barahi Mandir in the Fewa Lake, Pokhara
Booting to Taal Barahi Mandir in the Fewa Lake, Pokhara
This second week of July has become the perfect home stay timings for most of lazy people like me. The non-intermittent torrential rainfall in Pokhara City has forced me to stay inside the home consuming tens of hot coffee and edibles. The Star Movies has been broadcasting Year One, and Delta Force again and again; maybe they knew I like these movies no matter how many times I watch them.
I am referring to this rainfall in Pokhara city as non-intermittent atleast for the time being during monsoon; while the rain use to be intermittently falling at launch time noon (roughly around 2pm) everyday. The torrential rain in Pokhara unlike in Kathmandu is quickly absorbed by the sandy mud in the geographical strata.
Cinemax is broadcasting a movie about conquering the Everest (name, I want you to find it, so that you’ll love Nepal as the Everest country) shot in iMax technology whole late noon and early mornings. Facebook is full of Paul, the Octopus predicting for the World Cup finale. While I stay inside the blanket even the summer hot dog days just to enjoy the escapology of the rain that hits each and every Varandah of my house – and did I say the windows and the door. Oops, Anushka got another plea not to go to her school just because of another monsoon day.
We must be thankful that rain in Pokhara is not like any catastrophic hurricane that sweep away thousands of houses and property miles away leaving the large population worrisome for hours and days. While most of the time I like rain in Pokhara personally, the home stay with Delta Force and Cadbury is not the best option time and again. But I really got time to indulge my failure of waiting by this rain. It is Phewa lake, it is the Fishtail mountain range and it is the Grand-Canyon (oops the Seti George) which keep Pokhara the climate. People from the world like Pokhara as their home stay. Wow, Pokhara seems nice (atleast visually perceived.)
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