The consumerization of IT – year of Handhelds

The mobile sales has surpassed the PC sales in 2011 (see the projected PC and mobile sales thru 2013 below, which has come true) and the market is still going exponential for smartphones and tablets. Looks like era of Desktop PCs and Notebook PCs has been just archived, we know traditional desktop and notebook PCs can never expire tho’.

The savvy IT organization today realizes that this trend is happening and that IT can lead, follow, or become road kill. – IDC


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10 Reasons why I like Windows Phone

Windows Phone- codenamed Mango
Windows Phone- codenamed Mango

Can’t believe I was looking around Windows Phones (WP7 rite, as of now, but wish WP8 comes soon) in Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, & Sony combined stores today (June 12th) in Bangkok stores. I was amazed that the store’s salesperson said they sell WP phones only in their main office, after understanding my question on WP7 with a great difficulty. Is this what WP is being ignored now and then? I just read articles about “US stores ignoring Windows Phones” and I wanted to give try why the world is ignoring Windows Phones. Continue reading

Top Twitter Applications for Windows Mobile, quick way to tweet from Windows Mobile

Twitter is everywhere. Twitter is even far ahead of Facebook. Most of the internet freaks (as I would like to say) are tweeting, be they regular blogger like us or news portals, or governmental agencies or other corporate houses. This post attempts to collect best free twitter applications for Windows Mobile, so that one can easily tweet directly from the Today screen of HTC Touch Diamond (let’s say). Continue reading

Connect to internet using CDMA or GSM Mobile Phones- Spice Mobile D88n/gold

This tutorial is based on Windows Vista ( 32 bit NOT 64 bit, for Windows Vista 64 bit OS, go to this article) and make sure you have downloaded the required driver software for the Spice Mobiles. Official site to download drivers for Spice Mobiles.

Updated: Download Drivers for Spice D88, D88n and D88 Gold now from

This article equally applies on how to install cdma driver in my Window 7, provided you’re taking about Spice Mobile handsets.

Before you connect your mobile phone to your computer via USB cable, install the software, and here is how.


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The next iPhone- 3G S available soon!!!


All new iPhone 3G S is available this Friday (June 19, 09) thru out selected outlets and Apple online stores for 199 or 299$, but as usual one must adhere to AT&T, and of course with strict agreement (read out the ToC). The 3rd generation speed named 3G S iPhone has got at least 100 new features while few to be must improve features are again left as were with previous versions.

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How to Set up Spice D-88 as a CDMA or GPRS modem in Windows Vista 64x

If you are a owner of Spice D88 or D88n or similar mobile sets, and want to internet connect in your Computer/Laptop via mobile phone but the driver installation for the mobile phone modem has hindered due to Vista’s 64 bit on your way. Here’s the complete visual guide on how to set up mobile sets as modem for connecting internet in laptop or desktop.

Updated: Download Drivers for Spice D88, D88n and D88 Gold now from

Similar article for 32-bit (normal) Windows Vista is posted here.

Screenshots are from Spice Mobiles D88 and Windows Vista 64x Home Premium. You also need the initial mobile driver/software installation disc handy.

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