Top Twitter Applications for Windows Mobile, quick way to tweet from Windows Mobile

Twitter is everywhere. Twitter is even far ahead of Facebook. Most of the internet freaks (as I would like to say) are tweeting, be they regular blogger like us or news portals, or governmental agencies or other corporate houses. This post attempts to collect best free twitter applications for Windows Mobile, so that one can easily tweet directly from the Today screen of HTC Touch Diamond (let’s say).

In my attempt to download myself a free Twitter app for ZTE Windows Mobile 6, here comes a good list of best and yet free twitter applications for Windows Mobile. Visit the official websites and download the Twitter Gadgets for your cell phone (some might be compatible with other high end mobile phones of Nokia and Samsung).

These are really great twitter clients and best of all free. These great twitter widgets will change the way you tweet from mobile. There is no need to open regular twitter URL ie or mobile version of twitter ie

However, if you like browsing twitter from it’s mobile version, it’s available at

These might be best twitter apps or best windows mobile twitter clients if you like them, obviously. You can also find twitter applications or clients for other mobiles that support Java from these publishers (most services) listed above.

Few other useful links about Twitter plugins or Twitter clients for some popular CMS (Content Management Systems):

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