Facebook Profile's Network Reach Visualization

The number of applications to analyze your social media experience is increasing day by day. I am trying to find, experience, and analyze the social media outreach, so I will update this page on timely manner.

City lights around the world – reality bites

Pictures say more than we describe…. here are city lights photographs around the world. And remember that we want this to happen (but thanks to heavy loadshedding in Nepal) Las Vegas Lights

VIP humor with Bill Gates

I was in the VIP lounge last week en route to Seattle. While in the lounge, I notice Bill Gates sitting on the chesterfield enjoying a cognac. I was meeting with a very important client who was also flying to Seattle with me but she was running a bit late.

Loveliest things that Men want to Hear

Okay, it seems a bit odd. But here are few most loveliest words, phrases, sentences, de facto, I define them as things, which most men want to hear. At least you’ll want to hear, btw I aint the author!!!

Routine of SLC Exam 2066

The routine of School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examinations 2066 has been published. The Office of the Controller of Examinations, Saanothimi, Bhaktapur has announced that the SLC Examination of 2066 will be held from Chaitra 12, 2066 Thursday (2010 ). Around 4,50,000 students are expected to appear the exams this year. The schedule or routine of …

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