City lights around the world – reality bites

Pictures say more than we describe…. here are city lights photographs around the world. And remember that we want this to happen (but thanks to heavy loadshedding in Nepal)

Las Vegas Lights
las vegas lights

Denver Lights
denver lights
Moscow Lights
moscow lights

London Lights
london lights
Niagara Falls Lights
niagara falls

Paris (Eiffel Tower) Lights
paris lights
Pittsburg Lights
pittsburg lights
Singapore Lights
singapore lights
Vienna Lights
vienna lights
Washington Lights
washington lights
Chicago Lights
chicago lights

Cologne Cathedral (Germany) Lights
cologne cathedral lights

Kathmandu (Nepal) Lights Loadshedding
kathmandu no lights- loadshedding nepal

City lights from around the world, but the sad point is with Nepal – self acclaimed to be second richest water resource in the world with the most power cut off (loadshedding time) – at most 18 hours per 24 hours the loadshedding with normal loadshedding of 12 hours is with Nepalese.

Sorry, there is no electricity at the moment in Nepal.

Thanks to Sagar for forwarding this piece of beautiful email to us.

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