Pyaar Impossible, my point of view


pyaar-impossible-uday-chopra-priyankaNot a different aspect of watching released today, Uday Chopra written, Jugal Hansraj directed and Aditya Chopra produced, Pyaar Impossible – yet another Friday Bollywood release. However, I wished the movie could have got it’s way back time away or in future – for me and to match the geek(ness). I liked the Mac Store and the Unity Software Application approach…. while others might like 10 on 10 music (video below).

While most of  people might review Pyaar Impossible on their own way, there are sides to this story of Priyanka chopra as Alisha, Uday Chopra  as Abhay, Anupam Kher and Dino Morea (the software thief, huh – apt word here) . The film is reportedly based on award winning romantic comedy Hollywood film Notting Hill (1999) starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. However, Uday is seen as a nice concept writer here and I like the way he is and is always.

Uday oops Abhay is a Software Engineer (most probably, but he is for sure) who makes a computer application  Unity which is able to run almost all OSes (Operating System) under that software, but a crook Dino makes it a way to his hand to make quite a handsome amount of money by selling it under his name Unified. Unified is the 7-years work of Abhay on the side of which lies his one-sided love story with Alisha, the most beautiful girl in his college in CA.

In fact the name of the movie, Pyaar Impossible, is a misnomer, finally Pyaar becomes Possible when things go right.

One point to be noted: Girls believe yourself that beauty that man/boys loves lie with your exposure, or believe what Alisha does in the movie or watch the video below.

Here are music/songs/videos of Pyaar Impossible as quoted in channels in YouTube, download or watch them now.

* Alish – Pyaar Impossible song video

*10 on 10 – Pyaar Impossible song video

* Title song Pyaar Impossible – Priyanka Chopra with Uday Chopra

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  1. Aakar says

    Story line seems interesting….Hope to watch it before the exam… Lets see how Torrent works here….hehe

  2. Saathi says

    today is sat'day, grab your girl and rush to a theatre near you, it's valentine's time, what are you waiting for!

  3. Aakar says

    @Saathi …its exam tym yaar…hall tira kudyo vane ta ghar tira kudnu parchha yar, result niskepa6i…hehe

  4. Ekendra Lamsal says

    Aakar and Saathi,
    It was wonderful, as usual, to watch the first show on the first day. But it's not bad at all to watch this movie once, it's just like anothor Balaji Telefilm's serial!!!

  5. Dattz says

    is the software called unity in pyaar impossible real????????????????

  6. Abhay Sharma says

    Yes, it's real. Actually, it more real than the real world that we are live in. I heard a rumor that the software is coming out next year.

  7. aik banda says

    Dude, what do you think VMWare and Virtual PC so? Yehi cheez hay.

  8. aik banda says

    Dude, what do you think VMWare and Virtual PC so? Yehi cheez hay.

  9. Zozomaster says

    I have a question ,Is that software that the nerdy guy made please tell me I am dying to find out?!!!!