School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Exam Results in Nepal – A little bit of analysis on Statistics, Trends & Realities

SLC Result Trend: The history of student passing percentage in Nepal

हुने हार दैब नटार – even the god can’t stop unavoidables. No matter how much the Government pretends, the Nepalese education system has failed time and again. It is pretension NOT the investment as the consequent evens exposure annually and nothing is done to cover them. There has been an epic fail. SLC is a fallacy concept. Continue reading

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The Iron Gate “SLC” – My Experience

SLC Exam Nepal Reality Cartoon

Dawn had already broken, I could see many students all dressed up well, with a red tika on their forehead and their guardians escorting them, wishing them all the luck in the World. One morning, when I sat down to have a cup of coffee and turned on the radio, I came to realize that SLC exams had rolled on. Iron Gate, this is what laymen call the SLC. But these days the word “Iron Gate” is way out of relevance with SLC.

SLC Exam Nepal Reality Cartoon
SLC Exam Nepal Reality Cartoon

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Inspirational & Lively Quotes from REVOLUTION 2020 – Chetan Bhagat

Cover of Chetan Bhagat's Revolution 2020 Novel
Cover of Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020 Novel

A week ago, I wrote Starting Revolution with Double-decked eyes : Paradoxical, Revolution 2020: Love. Corruption. Ambition is the latest going-to-be-hit book by  Chetan Bhagat – the biggest-selling English language novelist in India’s history (as quoted by The New York Times.) And all of my predictions of that article has come true, and maybe this would be the last book of Chetan which I read. So, I din’t dare to write a review of it. You can’t hurt yourself more knowing it would – atleast you know it, even tho’ you can’t act upon.

‘Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent boys.
One wanted to use his intelligence to make money.
One wanted to use his intelligence to create a revolution.
The problem was, they both loved the same girl.’

Here are inspirational and lively quotes from Revolution 2020, mostly love and ambition centric; and pointed-towards-girl’s nature and human behavior. Page no. follows these awesome, quotations from Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020.

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Sobhraj’s past revives via his wife Nihita in Bigg Boss 5

Nihita Biswas, the wife of Charles Sobhraj, in Kathmandu a year ago
Nihita Biswas, the wife of Charles Sobhraj, in Kathmandu a year ago

Charles Sobhraj, you might not have forgotten the name. Oh yes, the serial killer (12+) is in news again. But this time not because of any murders but his wife – Nihita Biswas. The Government of Nepal has already convicted him and ordered the life imprisonment on 30th July, 2010.

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10 Habits of Highly Incompetent People

I quit my job, Incompetent Habit symptom, img by
I quit my job, Incompetent Habit symptom, img by
I quit my job, Incompetent Habit symptom, img by

You must have read 7 habits of highly incompetent people by Eric Allen Bell sometimes by now (original author Michael Lee of the highly acclaimed How To Be An Expert Persuader… In 20 Days or Less.)  Inspired by this work, I have added 3 more points* to this 7 listed work. This article is NOT intended to be offensive, however. An effective person would address them directly not passive aggressively. If after addressing these people directly, you still aren’t satisfied with these people, move on, you will be doing them and yourself a favor. You can’t control or change other people. You can control and change yourself (as commented by by May). Hope this article gives you way out to be highly competent and of good habits. Continue reading

Nobel Prize for Nepalese Traitor – Girija ? what's happening in Nepal?

It is not a joke that the non-starter pro-Indian Council of Nepalese ministry decided to nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize, Girija, who is one of the culprit leaders of the Nepali Congress.

Everybody knows Girija is one of the traitors in Nepal. Bishal Shah, a scholar, says from UNN, USA – ‘It is unfortunate that the Government of Nepal under Madhav Kumar Nepal decided to forward GP Koirala’s name for the Nobel Peace Award. We had a different plan that is sending someone’s name from the people’s side during the Convention in New York. Anyway, our efforts will not be blocked by this stupid decision of MAKUNE government to reward the First Terrorist of Nepal. GPK is the first terrorist as per the International Law because any hijackers are considered to be the terrorist.’

A ditto copy paste from Op-Ed Contributor Nobel Prize for Nepalese Traitor – Girija ? @

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New Year 2010, credos, resolutions, fun and ASCII art!


Greetings to all those human visitors and spiders of this small crazy site (as people say and spiders out number human visitors), harmonic New Year 2010 Greetings from Ekendra’s blog.

In this blog post, I have tried to merge everything about the New Year 2010, ASCII fun arts, funny pictures, New Year SMSes, Silly and Funny resolutions for the new year and whatever I find interesting. Continue reading

New Year's Resolutions – don't be silly don't be serious

Hi to all, and New Year greetings to all. Here are 10 New Year’s Resolutions till 2006. We shall update them when we reach 2010, oops which is too near. Here are just funny list emailed to Ekendra’s blog, enjoy yourself. And don’t forget to share your New Year Resolutions.

As we all prepare to start a new year, it is time again to make those ever so important New Year’s Resolutions. Here is my list of recent years’ resolutions and the revised ones for 2006.

Resolution #1
2003: I will try to be a better husband to Lisa.
2004: I will not leave Lisa.
2005: I will try for reconciliation with Lisa.
2006: I will try to be a better husband to Rachel. Continue reading