Satellite Communications Engineering and modelling

Commonly used Acronyms in Satellite Communications

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Satellite Communications Engineering and modelling
Satellite Communications Engineering and modelling
AMAmplitude Modulation
AMPSAnalog Mobile Phone Service
AOSAcquisition of Signal
APMAmplitude Phase Modulation
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
Asynchronous Transmission Mode
BAPTABearing And Power Transfer Assembly
BDPBandwidth Delay Product
BERBit Error Rate
BOBack Off
BOLBeginning of Life
BPSKBinary Phase-Shift Keying
CCIR(Fr) Comite consultative International de Radio(En) International Radio Consultative Committee
CCIT(Fr) Comite Consultatif International de Telephone et Telegraph(En) International Telephone and Telegraph Consultative Committee
CESCoastal Earth Station (Marine)
COMSATCommunications Satellite Corporation
DA 1Demand Assignment
DAMA 1Demand Assignment Multiple Access
DBSDigital Broadcast Satellite
DMDelta Modulation
DNDDownlink Degradation
DOMSATDomestic Satellite (USA)
DPCMDifferential Pulse Code Modulation
DSIDigital Speech Interpolation
DSSDigital Satellite Services
DTHDirect to Home (Satellite Service eg TV)
DVBDigital Video Broadcast
ECSEuropean Communications Satellite
EHF 2Extremely High Frequency
EIRPEquivalent Isotropically Radiated Power
EOLEnd Of Life
ESEarth Station
ESAEuropean Space Agency
FCCFederal Communications Commission (USA)
FDMFrequency Division Multiplex
FDMA 1Frequency Division Multiple Access
FECForward Error Correction
FMFrequency Modulation
FSKFrequency-Shift Keying
FSSFixed Satellite Service
GEO 3Geostationary Earth Orbit
GPSGlobal Positioning Satellite
GSM(Fr) Groupe Spe’cial Mobile(En) Global System for Mobile Communications
HDTVHigh-Definition Television (high-def tv)
HEO 3Highly Elliptical Orbit
HPAHigh Power Amplifier
HPBWHalf-Power Beam width
IDUIndoor Unit (of Earth Station)
IMMARSATInternational Maritime Satellite (Organization)
INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellite (Organization)
INTERSUPTNIKInternational Sputnik (Satellite Communications)
IOTIn-orbit Testing
IPInternet Protocol
IRDIntegrated Receiver-decoder
ISBNIntegrated Satellite Business Network
ISLIntersatellite Link
ISPInternet Service Provider
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
LANDSATLand Survey Satellite
LEO 3Low Earth Orbit
LHCPLeft Hand Circular Polarization
LNALow Noise Amplifier
LNBLow Noise Block/Back
LOSLoss of Signal
MA 1Multiple Access
MACMonitoring Alarm and Control
MARISATMarine Satellite Communications
MCPCMultiple Channel Per Carrier
MEO 3Medium Earth Orbit
MPEGMotion Pictures Experts Group
MSATMobile Satellite (for mobile communications)
MSKMinimum Shift Keying
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
NCSNetwork Control Station
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (USA)
NSPNetwork Service Provider
NTSCNational Television System Committee (Americas)
ODUOut Door Unit (of Earth Station)
OMTOrthogonal Mode Transducer
PALPhase Alternation Line (Asian)
PCPersonal CommunicationsPersonal Computer
PCMPulse Code Modulation
PFDPower Flux Density
PLLPhase Locked Loop
POTSPlain Old Telephone Network
PSKPhase-Shift Keying
PSTNPublic Service/switched Telephone Network
QPSKQuaternary Phase-Shift Keying
QTQualification Test
RADARRadio Detection and Ranging
RADARSATRadar Satellite (remote sensing satellite)
RFCRequest for Comments
RHCPRight Hand Circular Polarization
SARSynthetic Aperture Radar
SARSATSearch and Rescue Satellite
SATCOMSatellite Communications
SBSSatellite Business Systems
SCPCSingle Channel Per Carrier
SDTVStandard Definition Television (normal TV)
SECAM(Fr) Sequential Couleur a  Memoire (European)
SESSea Earth Station (Maritime)
SFDSaturation Flux Density
SHF 2Super High Frequencies
SI(Fr) Systeme International d’ Unites(En) International System of Units
SNGSatellite News Gathering
SNRSignal to Noise Ratio
SPECSpeech Predictive Encoded Communications
SSSpread SpectrumSatellite Switched
SSBSingle Sideband
TASITime Assignment Speech Interpolation
TCPTransmission/ Transport Control Protocol
TDMTime Division Multiplexing
TDMA 1Time Division Multiple Access
TELESATTelecommunications Satellite
TIROSTelevision and Infrared Observational Satellite
TT&C or TTCTelemetry, Tracking and Command
TVROTV Receive Only
TWT/TWTATraveling-Wave Tube / Amplifier
UHF 2Ultra High Frequencies
VHF 2Very High Frequencies
VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol
VPVertical Polarization
VSATVery Small Aperture Terminal
WARCWorld Administrative Radio Conference
WWWWorld Wide Web
XPDCross Polarization Discrimination

Superscript 1: Details availability- Types of Multiple Access (tabulation)
Superscript 2: Details availability- Frequency Allocation (tabulation)
Superscript 3: Details availability- Orbital Categories (tabulation)
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