Years after blogging and running a separate site, the merging has come into being. Previously I used to blog at in a powerful WordPress semantic platform and also used to run a Joomla powered site at
The blog used to be personal stuffs, still with more PR and more visits than the site itself. However, more useful materials were in the site. Now I have tried to merge both – manually. I am trying to do it all manually – mean copying all data including images and articles manually, while changing the URI structure and deploying CDN (Content Delivery Network) as well. Little bit on this is on the about section of this site.
Hope with time everything will be all right. If you have come across an web page or content not found, plz let me know. I will work and solve it out.
Thank you and welcome to the new world.

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  1. do your best bro………..and i found nothing when i clicked Engg …i think you must be working on that……..

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