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Looking back at 2019 & resolutions for 2020

Howdy, aliens! Cómo estuvo tu 2019?

The good news is this is the only blog post published in this website for the entire 2019; the bad news is I’m here with more resolutions for 2020. The bad in sense that I’m still not sure if any of those will be resolved!

Human happiness = Good relation = Good ethics =Inner peace, Inner happiness. Just By listening song of Arijit Singh I have found my inner peace.

A YouTube Commenter

Without a second thought, I’m including this comment from a YouTube video. The commenter enjoys listening to the songs of Arijit Singh and related to his happiness; and the ultimate inner peace. What an expression!

You might be wondering — great, you’ve read so far — why I’ve included someone’s inner happiness to relate with my 2020 resolutions and musings of the past 2019. There is, simply, no reason not to correlate happiness of any context.

Looking back at 2019

We should move ahead but never look back, well, not at least those negativity that would otherwise drag us. Learning people, process and technology had been one of the signifying instances of 2019 for me. Defining betterment and guiding Human Computer Interaction (HCI) elements in UI/UX was another topic to cover after 2011 AIT’s course.

The analytics graphs fell off way too far in 2019. Never mind there was no more stuffs published rather than a couple of arrangements with WordPress updating and the plugins. And yes, I purchased quality add-ons for sure.

More of the prosumer – not much. But 99% consumer – content consumer and 1% content creator need to be revised. Year 2019 was in fact a great year with much less of travel around but much of inside travel (confused? )

2020 Bookshelf from Getty Images.
2020 Bookshelf from Getty Images.

What’s in for 2020?

Not just yet another new year’s resolution, I’m hereby summing up 2020 challenges for myself. Listing points to track for here:

  • Be simple. Take rest . Love others. (Probably the only thing humans ever need!)
  • Be no more liberal, be content and thankful. Learn how to punish or treat people.
  • Commit myself. Make changes but adhere to the self-growth or for the betterment.
  • Publish more analytics. Let the Digital Well-being talk more about my 2020 habits.
  • Dig more into Google. Virtual Assistant. Rich Communications Services (RCS) messages.
  • More veggies. Less table sugar. More fluid intake.
  • More of podcasts. More of fictions read and less of bakwas watched.
  • Keep clutter out of the kitchen, out of way, out of life. Clutter free is everyone’s choice.
  • Stamp more visas on the passport, travel more, gather moisture and memories.

Be more into e-Governance, ICT4D, MIS thingy and Information Security. That’s where I belong. Irrespective of the temporary social media fame, 2020 needs more of security to be followed, cloud to be stabilized and maintain that ICT4D blog from 2013.

And this is whole lot of non-crazy stuff from me. Until next post, ciao!

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