10 Best Websites I Visit Everyday

http-www-browserIf I ask you one question – which is your favorite site? what do you reply or ask you – apart from your Facebook and Gmail (or other email site) which is the first website which comes into your mind, what would you reply?
Bathroom blogging sometimes is so good that there lies an entire universe of ideas. Happened to had, which are the websites that I have to visit to refresh my mood and get some intellects plus while I was referring myself to a visit in TED.
I am finding myself a good commentator (who reads and then comments not necessarily criticize, I know I am a thank giver) in recent days, but hate backlinks in comments. Anyway, here is my list of websites that are worth visiting atleast for me.

  1. TED: Ideas worth spreading, TED gives me vision, enthusiasm, and almost everything from the other perspective, totally out of the box.
  2. BBC News World: Who needs to be told what BBC is all about?
  3. Make: technology on your time, Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects, Inspirations, How-tos, and things more on tech stuffs.
  4. Lifehacker: tips and downloads for getting things done
  5. Wikipedia: something which is always on number one search result on Google if not something which you can’t avoid to open daily if you don’t have thirst of learning
  6. YouTube: If you have your domain specified, there are more than you thought YouTube Video Channels. Either listen it or watch it.
  7. IEEE Explore: This is a digital library to browse journals and magazines published by IEEE dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence. A complete list of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers publications can be found here.
  8. Stumble Upon: Don’t think I need to write what Stumble Upon does in the web? Intelligent tool or a website for browsing interesting websites that match to your explored interest. Initially I din’t find this website that much interesting, but as I stumble my interests there is no second fiddle going on.
  9. Microsoft: Not only being a Window’s lover, but also the pace of increasing technology is depicted by various aspects of Microsoft’s website. I spend hours on Microsoft surface, design, development, lot much. This doesn’t mean I’m advertising for Windows as people usually blame me for, I still use latest version of Ubuntu 64x; read here the comparision of Windows and Linux.
  10. Inc.com: This is one stop place for entrepreneurs and business owners for useful information, advices, insights, resources, inspiration and much more. It is both, offline and online publishing.

Google is always numero uno so got it even before the list, initialized to zero. I have omitted Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other Social websites because I browse them mostly using 3rd party utilities like Hootsuite, MetroTwit ( and not directly from their webpage every time.) Vark, StackOverflow and Quora are other QnA sites I visit occasionally.
Also I visit my this blog, main website, and TechSansar.com everyday – but din’t include in the list above since they are related to me in a way or the other. I’m sure this list is dynamic and intend to change according to different stages of life.

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