The way it works in Nepal – live scene from a tourist bus

A scene in a tourist bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara
A tourist (possibly Japanese) was being accompanied by an empty seat until Dumre, he was enjoy the third world life style as captured in his lens.
A clean shaved educated-looking guy comes to occupy that empty seat – starts putting luggage above that Japanese guys’, then starts eating oranges and trashing everywhere, opens windows and throws some trash outside (Passenger rarely open windows and do trash randomly inside tourist coach in this line.)
Some more activities, obviously irritating activities, makes the fellow Japanese passenger to change his seat. Be reminded that this Japanese tourist originally in that seat (2x) had purchased the ticket in double price (foreign price) than other Nepalese pax rate, and here 6 time more than what this irritating fellow paid. Sadly he gets replaced.
This is what happens in this part of the world. Nepal is best known for this practice (probably) kick out somebody who own it and rule ’em.
Morale : ??? (Seriously, I dunno.)
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