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Nepal's failed development – Al Jazeera coverage – Why Nepal fails series!

Al Jazeera correspondent Thomas Bell recently wrote an interesting article “Nepal’s failed development” highlighting Nepal’s tendency to fail time and often despite sufficient budget for the development as sighted in the annual f/y budget.

This interesting piece of news is precisely one of the Why Nepal fails series! Bell has depicted Nepal as one of the best examples of failed development aid – and why do the donors keep pumping more money in still.

Nepal’s problem is not a want of aid or technical advice. It is political. And if the donors are to be part of the solution, they must be brave enough to publicly demand meaningful action against the entrenched public corruption, the cartels, “syndicates” and “mafias” which are keeping the country poor.
By pumping in money without achievements to match, the donors partly contribute to making extractive politics sustainable. They should recognise that when a scheme doesn’t deliver the promised results, the money has still paid for something: such as the empowerment of the corrupt, deeper inequality, and loss of public faith.

Read the full story Nepal’s failed development – Al Jazeera English.

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