e-Banking is a chocking hazard in Nepal

The IT industry has left all other industries of the other type in use of technology. I used online transaction (Visa Card) to buy this domain from Google Checkout. PayPal denied me from creating a new account saying my country can’t have one or the card holder’s surname is not the same as mine. This is a glimpse of what I could entail in… when incurring transactions and the e-banking has to matter.

Just few months back, I opened another account with Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited simply because it was well written in one of their brochure — FREE E-BANKING. I was surprised and went thru the steps. Finally I knew I had no options that was a real FAKE from a LOCAL MURGAA. Had I opted one to create online transactions I were supposed to pay NRs 500 extra and I don’t known on what basis. If possible they charge me that amount for every inquiry I made to their server. Finally, I concluded the bank that grew the most in the locality was a LARGE NO, MACHHAPUCHCHHRE BANK’S E-BANKING IS A BIG NO — NO — NEVER TRY OPTION for a student and low incomed and a tech savvy like me.

Here comes another story but matured than the above. It’s NIBL e-Banking, yes it’s Nepal Investment Bank Limited. Opted by The Banker for the best bank. I created an account as I was lured that I could get many facilities… it was a scheme and just a scheme. Later, I added Internet baking to my account. I must say I could have never logged in, if the two timed login were to keep apart. NIBL e-Banking is always a trouble. They say more, absolutely, they say more and do nothing. Five rupees transaction is also a transaction, will any bank in Nepal understand this? I am not their valuable customer, does this mean I have to have a ignored propaganda and a fallacy of e-Baking.
There’s always a problem with Nepal Investment Bank’s e-Banking system. One week’s continuous visit to the bank yield me a new account and I was scrutinized for safe password policies. I presumed I could be on safe hands. I came home straight and tried to login but in vain. I was lied. There system said we are under upgrading the e-Banking system and my password was denied, obviously.
THE MOST HUMOROUS THING IS THAT THERE SYSTEM IS STILL, TILL TODAY OCTOBER 31, 2008, DOWN. For proof see the screenshot or read text below.
NIBL's important notice regarding ebanking To our valued Customers,

We are in process of upgrading our e-Banking system. As a result, we have made some modification in the current UserId and Password settings.
Now, UserId and Password settings for e-Banking users of Banepa, Biratnagar, Pokhara, Nepalgunj,Birtamod, Janakpur, Pulchowk, Narayangardh, Kalimati, Thamel and Battisputali branches have been changed. Please collect your new UserId and Passwords from respective branches. Also, some of the services which are currently available will not work till all branch upgradation will complete.
Till the upgrade is completed, all other branches users will not be able to transfer money to Banepa, Biratnagar, Pokhara, Nepalgunj, Biratomd, Janakpur, Pulchowk, Narayangardh, Kalimati, Thamel, Battisputali, Dhangadi and Gongabu branch accounts. Likewise, these branches e-Banking users will not be able to transfer money to all other branch accounts. Also, all the utility payment services except WorldLink Payment will not work for these 13 branches.
Visit their website now @ https://www.nibl.com.np/
I can’t imagine when will I be able to hold an Internationally valid credit/debit card, use them whenever and wherever I like, and when will NIBL finish upgrading their system, provided that when will I be able to purchase another domain thru Google Checkout using NIBL’s card or e-Banking.Will anyone listen this? Don’t do so, it’s a Naya Nepal – the nameshake Nepal.
Just a piece of reality of Nepali banks.

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