Bio-briquettes Charcoal Fire – Ignoring Alternative Energy is no alternative, a Nepali blog does it

We, Nepali, must be glad that though rare our deeds certainly reflects the practical propaganda. A contribution to alternative energy – charcoal fire is put forth by a team of Nepalis for Bio-Briquette or Bio fuels. Here’s an excerpt from their website, This is what Nepal’s possibility for alternative fuels in Nepal for this winter.
– What are Bio-Briquttes ?
Bio Briquettes are compressed charcoal in form of honeycombs. Bio briquettes are currently one of the most effective alternative fuel sources and an excellent alternative fuel to replace kerosene or cooking gas.
– Can Bio-briquettes be used in kitchen ?
Bio-briquettes can be easily used even in the most modern kitchen. They are smokeless, noiseless and odorless and most importantly hassle free. Once Bio-Briquettes are ignited, they keep burning without requiring continuous fanning. Unlike other briquettes, Bio-briquettes’ ashes are self contained and leave no mess behind nor do they leave any stain on pan.
– How long does it takes to ignite Bio-Briquette ?
Bio- Briquettes ignite within a minute. The easiest way to ignite them is, by heating them on a high gas fire for just one minute. Then, transfer them to a Briquette stove and in a few minutes, they will be converted totally into fire.
– Can bio-briquettes be doused and again re-use ?
Although we do not recommend you to ignite it, if your requirement is less than 100 minutes. However we are getting feedbacks from our clients that it can be doused and re-use again. Some people are pouring water in between its holes to douse it and successfully reusing it too. No complaint has been made as yet for low performances of re-used pieces.

– What can you do with Bio-Briquettes
One piece of Bio-Briquette is enough to :
boil 7 liter water
make a dinner for three persons (Lentil, curry and rice)
Dry-fry 1.5 kgs of Peanuts
barbeque more than 15 piece of corn-cub
Cook enough MoMos for 10-12 persons
Newary meat specialty Thal-Thale (Jelly meat). For this you have to finish all your work on gas and then leave it for two hours on Bio-briquettes.

Remember that stove can be modify as per your need ( it could be two piece Briquettes stove or three and so on ).
Medicinal benefits :
One piece of briquette can send you in sound and uninterrupted sleep during winter seasons.
If you have back pain which occurs mostly in winter season one Bio-Briquette heat works like a pain-killer.
Advantage of bio-briquette : Bio-Briquettes can be used for various purposes like boiling water, cooking, baby massage, barbeque bonfire, room heating etc
Unlike other briquettes, Bio-briquettes can be stored for months, best on cool and dry place.
Bio-Briquette VS Kerosene and other fuels
Better for the environment: Bio-briquette is renewable energy
Bio-Briquettes make perfect balance on eco solution
Faster to ignite takes only one minute
Smokeless, silent, odour-free.
Very little residue: leaves only a very light smoky white water soluble stain on dishes need to watch over them while boiling water or hearing room
Kerosene and other fuels
Bad for the environment: fossil fuel based energy
Kerosene/Gas/Wood do not make perfect balance on eco solution
Much longer to ignite : Kerosene stove takes 4 minutes
erosene is smoky, noisy creates odour in home
Kerosene Leaves behind stains: stains difficult to rub off
Kerosene, Gas & electric stove requires perople to be around or watch over when boiling water or heating room : cannot leave the stove or fall asleep
Other informations One piece of bio-briquette burns a little more than two hour, if used for cooking and boiling water and burns one and a half hour if used for room heating and baby massage.
Bio-Briquettes have a two inch tall flame during the first hour of burning just like a gas fire and then burns like an electric heater in its second hour.
Bio-Briquettes make boiling drinking water task a lot easier because, if your accidentally forget about it, it will “switches off” automatically, thereby avoiding wasting of energy or incurring additional costs.
The regular use of Bio-Briquettes to boil drinking water can help maintain a ‘constant’ cost of cooking gas as it can be used, to some extent, as a gas substitute.

Utilizing last half an hour heat during summer:
Warm water or make tea
Keep half liter milk to boil or keep already boiled milk to thicken
Cook rice or black lentil on slow heat
Give a baby massage
Keep a karai on top of stove and after some time fill the karai with bitten rice and stir frequently to make it crispier.
Make Roti
Warm food and anything that requires slow heat for cooking
Ignite another briquette
Why should I use Bio-Briquettes when Gas is so convenient for cooking ?
There are certain foods which you never cook in Gas like Barbequing meat or corn-cub, boiling water etc.
if you would like to change a cooking spot for a day, moving of gas stove with cylinder is a heavy and tiresome task but with Bio-briquette having a blast even in your rooftop or in terrace seems quite fun-filled, easy and convenient.
If you are a food lover then you know fast food and cooking does not tingle your taste bud, so you need Bio- briquette for special occasions.
When you go to picnic, Bio-briquettes will be the easiest to carry, manage and have fun at the same time.
You will be contributing to local resources consumption and consume less of imported products.
Bio-briquettes and its stove will be your helping hand in kitchen as its stove is so small, yet so powerful for cooking.
Tips to save energy
always use flat or round bottomed pans for cooking
always keep dry pan
s on stove
always soak rice or lentil before cooking it ( min.15-20 minutes for lentils and 10 – 15 minutes rice ) This way you can save about 10 minutes of energy every time you cook meal.
use flat lid when you boil water so that, you can use top of the hot lid for warming food or water.
if you boil water an hour earlier before you prepare your dinner then you can utilize the hot lid for many purposes like soaking rice or lentil, then you have to soak it for less minutes.
keep beans to soak properly on top of hot lid this works especially during winter seasons.
Precautions to be taken while burning Bio-Briquettes:
Do not pour kerosene on the briquettes to ignite them for indoor use as the kerosene will burn and emit smoke with terrible odor. The briquette itself will not ignite then. Do not turn briquette upside down, it will only increase the ignition time.
For best performance use only briquette stoves to burn Bio-Briquettes.
Do not ignite a briquette if your requirement is less than 110 minutes.
To avoid charred your hands use one foot long iron rod or bamboo stick.
Let air pass in your room and kitchen.
Moving of stove is recommended only during first few minutes.
Use granite/marble slabs to protect your carpet/flooring.
After washing, let stove dry under direct sun for a few hours.
If by accident some liquid gets spill on the Bio Briquettes let the briquette dry under direct sun before reusing.
Benifits of Bio-briquettes ash
May be used as an inexpensive cleaning powder. Add a little bit of fat-free-soap on the ashes to get rid from tough oil stains from tiles.
Can help make quality clay for your flowers which can be created by mixing briquette ashes with clay.
Works wonder like insecticide on vegetables gardens.
Keeps flies away and eliminates odor when spread over kitchen waste
Bio-Briquettes and Briquette stoves are available in all leading departmental stores. Next time when you go for shopping, ask for Bio-Briquettes by its name.
Products available at ( Kathmandu valley & Pokhara – Nepal ): Bhatbhateni Supermarket – Bhatbhateni, Big C’s Shopping Center – Gaushala, Bluebird Department Store – Tirpureshwor & Lazimpat, Big Bazar – New Baneshwor, Fabulous Supermarket – Tripureshwor UWTC building, Friendly Shopping Centre, New Baneshwor, Gemini Supermarket- Boudha & Jawalakhel, Grihini Department Store – Baluwater, Home Grocer – Manbhawan, Kastamandap Bazaar – Kamaladi & Bouddha, Kumari Convinience centre – Kupondole, Lawson – Gairidhara, Namaste Supermarket – Pulchowk & Maharajgunj, Nava Durga Department Store – New Baneshwor, New Baneshwor Department Store- New Baneshwor, New Manandhar Store, Sanepa, Rajan Cold Store – Thapathali, S. K. Store, Thapathali, Sajilo Department Store – Old Baneshwor, Saleways Department Store-Jawalakhel & Pokhara, Suryodaya Shopping Centre – Shantinagar, Shuvam Convinience Store, Manarajgunj, Uttam Provision House – Sanepa
For details on bio briquettes charcoal fire alternative energy Nepal, comments and suggestion write us [email protected] or call them on 9841 283621. This extract is taken from their link:

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  1. really a nice approach to save nepalis from energy crisis, bio-briquettes are really environmental friendly and suited to nepalis as they are cheap.

  2. really a nice approach to save nepalis from energy crisis, bio-briquettes are really environmental friendly and suited to nepalis as they are cheap.

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