समाचार हिजो र आज – News Trends in Nepal (Kathmandu)

Presented here are brief news headings from गोरखापत्र  काठमाडौं २०४६ साल साउन ७ गते शनीवार (GORKHAPATRA DAILY). I have tried to dis-compare the situation of this 19 years. Dis-compare — unsure of the word but I am sure, my CA representative will tell how can we compare Nepal 19 years ago with today’s New Nepal, so do happens in everyday press conferences and face-to-face press meets in Kathmandu. Realization of press have been changed.

News of Politics, even deeper, news of which mantri said what and where is he. Oops! this is a trend. Rarely heard are news of development, education, senior citizen status, rural and remotes, peace and prosperity. We can ensure today’s children will never know what the news had to give. Don’t know who is this– today’s civilized and highly mobilized patrakaars or the mouth-pieced netas.

हामी विश्वोमा न्यायपूर्ण स्थायी शन्तिका लागि चालिने हरेक कदमको सराहना गर्दछौ। श्री ५ बिरेन्द्र

भुपु राजा अहेले त एक सामान्य नागरिक भएका छन, but still I am lucky to see his smiling face on papers previous week or the next. All the quotes of Late Kings must have been no more after Naya Nepal is a brand new product with no History.

भारतीय प्रधानमन्त्रीको पछील्लो टिप्पणी तथ्यहिन

India is always the same, हिजो पनि कमेन्ट गर्थियो र आज पनि। After all, there is no PRACTICAL existence of Naya Nepal without India, the Great.

कराते प्रतियोगितामा नेपाललाई नौ स्वर्ण पदक

Obviously, Nepal is far better in fighting even today except it gets that much medals.

श्री ५ बाट विधेयकमा स्विक्रिती प्रदान

Oops! the previous king again. आज भोली हाम्रा प्रधानमन्त्री प्रचन्ड पत्रीकाको प्रथम पेजमा आएझै हो। नयाँ नेपाल भएपनी उद्घघाटन र भाषाण बाहेक अरु कुनै कुराले फुर्सद छैन। एकादेशमा राजाले नियम कानुन बनाउथ्ये तर आजभोलि नियम कानुन नै नभएको नयाँ नेपाल भन्ने देश छ। I don’t think I am too sophisticated over here.

खेल्कुद बिकासमा क्लबहरुको सक्रियता आवश्यक

Sports must be one of the most neglected priorities after बिकास, yesternights and today noons both are the same for sports in Nepal, however it’s lived by a single whole page in papers.

ग्रीस द्वारा शान्ती क्षेत्र प्रस्ताबको समर्थन

के हो यो भनेको। शन्ती क्षेत्र त अब बल्ल बन्छ नि नयाँ नेपाल होइन र ! त्यो त सामन्तीहरुले बनाएको कुरा न हो। This is not Surrealism, but a view laden art.

समसमयीक प्रश्न मा सदनको ध्यानाकर्षण

के को सदन के को प्रश्न अनी के को समसमयीक कुरा नि, this is a pace according to those who have drawn pictograph of the New Nepal, (oops! I nearly forgot these people are called leaders)

This is not a view. This is a Naya Nepal where nothing is new except the shift+deleted history and 601 to lead and rent the whole nation into bricks. This is how I live by, you may not. I must admit fallacy over truth, I may not believe in my existence.

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