What technology will your business drop next?

Expiring office tech – which technology will your office drop next?

A series of studies have been done around the social networks to determine which technology will be the next to be phased out from your office. The possible technology to be expired or bid farewell from your office include:

  • Landline Telephones
  • Paper Invoices
  • Printers
  • Fax machines
  • paper and pencils/pens
  • Others like:

Apart from professional social network LinkedIn’s poll by Shad Johnsen, CKD, I personally asked in many networks – both online and offline. Not surprisingly, fax machines are on the first queue. So, let’s explore what are the current expiring office tech.

Which technology in your office is going to be obsolete in recent future? Or what are you getting rid of? Eg; fax, papers, landline, etc.

 Expiring office tech – which technology will your office drop next?
Expiring office tech – which technology will your office drop next?
The survey/poll with responses from more than 2100 people around many social networks expressed their viewed. Many said fax systems, traditional cable televisions and 2G networks will vanish soon and be history.
Henry Chan from an Internet Registration office in Hong Kong said about expiring office tech,

Most of the offices in Hong Kong still keep all financial documents, most of them in hard copy, for the last 7-10 years. Our inland revenue department still likes it in paper. And when there shall be any lawsuit, most company cannot risk having no evidence in paper for. I heard there is a reform going on to accept digital copies in legal proceeding, but we all know those reform processes can take a decade.

As Henry, said why does many countries enforce companies keep the records in HARD COPY when the computerized softcopy do the same work? Are they lacking vision or something? This does not only imply to the developing and underdeveloped countries but also to some of the highly developed countries in Europe. So, it is not easy tackling with expiring office tech and getting off the office permanently.
Ulkar from Azerbaijan says that it is not easy giving up the traditional way,

The same at our university and all other universities, offices, ministries and etc. in my country. We still using a lot of papers for documentation. Agree with Ekendra that it’s also in highly developed countries. We are running two EC educational project at our university and we keep all documents for this projects on papers! I’m personally trying to avoid paper works as much as I can for my personal issues and don’t use handwrite at all. I think, it’ll still take a long time to give up paper works.

Dom, an Internet Consultant from UK have a broad view on what is expiring tech like:

I only have IP and Cable TV, and I never use the cable TV (rarely at least), I do use a cellular mobile, but rarely – I rely on Skype. I got rid of real fax years ago and use IPFax, and paper is just a waste of trees too. Landline went about 6 years ago too.
So im thinking of cutting the chord and loosing the Cable TV, but not quite there yet.
For reference I have 10Mbps Virgin INternet Cable IP.
In the building i have Ethernet from the router to the WLAN, and to my NAS. Everything else is WiFi (Airplay for the Apple TV)
ITs soo much less cluttered than it was 6 years ago!

Personally, I think it is time to say good bye to paper invoices, fax machines and handwritten documents. However, it is not easy to achieve the paperless office or even go total digital office not only in poor and underdeveloped countries like ours but also in developed and emerging economies. Transition takes a lot then it looks. Share us your views on what traditional technology your office is getting rid of next.

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