Years come and go leaving NOTHING at all

Another New Year is already with me but as usual no thoughts to be exorted, no another resolution to be made and verified. Yet life lies with time. And waiting never appears to be just another brand new waiting- yes waiting for life, waiting for something that really is/are going to transform me into so called human.
Back to year 2007, several chat lines went frustating (following are few words from me and from friend at Australia), am I going lunatic or frantic? Am I over exposed? or is it an orange juice that’s peeled to suck and thrown to the bin? Yes, it’s what it feels like. 
Me: im ekdum frusteted
Me:nothing in life goes well
Fren: o my god khali testa kura haru
Me: eveyrthing making me feel like, im running thru an effortless and meaningless life, no projects, no goals,
Fren: life is like this
Me: … so im running out of my fuel
Fren: you hav to go with it
Me: it’s easy saying
Elton John’s voice over Sorry seem to be the hardest word in this world sometimes get relief by itself but the mere fantasy, got to experience how friendship twists when a girl enters in between, how studying electronics makes you a chicken, how thinking about the next blog post makes you a pro blogger just within your internal world, how people juice the orange and poisone after, how you define your life is never the different, how life-is so bad with me as always????
And the world goes on no matter how many people are killed in Iraq, how many rules are broken and promises vowed by our politicians and leaders, how many times my close friend regards me as his best foe ever in life time????
Yes, it has to continue until actions are taken, but the God knows the answer. Alas! I’m a non-believer, he plays with me like everytime. It has to roll on, and is rolling on. Am I being pathetic or is it another brand new year?

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