vinyl tapes, floral issues and my dad

vinyl tapes, floral issues and my dad

I still remember my dad playing, now evergreen, music from those day's vinyl tapes about 12-15 years back and they were supposed not only to entertain him but we, children, were also amused. My memory sounds poor at his gardening or was it not done ever by him.

Today, not just today but these days as time has passed its way and we are no more kids, my dad on his age might have developed high pressure. But he refuses to take some so-called good steps to improve the health habit, adding the mom in his side. With age, my parents have abandoned me in sense they just don't believe their child. They never believe the next generation of oneself is better and ahead of one. I can't be acknowledged what they don't know? Or I might be wrong, but this is what I see.

Yester noon, my sister grown garden full of blossomed flora was wiped out, cut to the shape– as in my dad's words. And no sooner than he smashed down the beauty decor of my sister, Rita, she and myself got annoyed from dad. This is not the first time, dad cutting flowers into pieces.

Besides loathing flowers, he distastes our playing of modern day's fast number tracks. Even his personal fav Lata might be ear-dizzy. I don't know why he feels so, no do I have any courage to ask or say words with.

Just I believe, I love flowers (blue ones most) and country/love music, and I will be adoring them in spite of my age.

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