Scarcity of Petroleum Products in Nepal – endless queue of vehicles waiting for there turn to get a liter of petrol

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Latch 1. Don’t get confused it’s neither a rally nor a protest, it’s the petrol making headlines. The picture speaks istself – the crowd of vehicles in Pokhara to get a quota of kerosene mixed petrol and diesel. Staying in a queue for more than 4 hours just to get petrol of NRs 400 with much sofistication and tourturing auras, is not just inexplainable. Many foreigners(tourists, they might be) were snapping more and more pics of the petrol scarcity in Nepal, and why not me? Me too am the sufferer, are you?

I’m lucky, I wonder how could I post these words had there been regular supply in nearly everything let alone petrol in Nepal.

Undesired Solution 1: Just the problems with Nepalis, they bark, they fight(oops! they fight for their leaders, netas and not for their basic needs, people in Nepal never fight for their basic needs ‘coz their netas suffice on them.), It’s sure high ranking officials and those with approach near lack oil for there 84 lakhs Pajero and Prados. Oops! Nearly I forgot- yesternoon I had to return from British Council Virtual Library, here in Pokhara, unknowing that the Library(is it?) had no more diesel to run generators for the backup supply, electricity is a far reached concept(my next post : Tension2).

Please, don’t try for wise words! It’s NEPAL and let it be.

 I read in papers that Mr Prime Minister and mantris oops! Ministers have 24*7 regular power supply. And I don’t know about the royal palace. ONE IMPORTANT THING TO NOTICE: Had palace been in list with very few quaters with regular supply, people would have already raised there hands against…. but they couldn’t because the NEPAL KING can be shouted for everything, even he might be possible for the petrol scarcity and the loadshedding, NO COMMENTS WELCOMED!

 Latch 2.Nepal, the self-called(I’m unaware about) second richest country in the whole world with 86Mega Watt hydropower generating capacity, is experiencing a daily loadshedding(power off status, I wonder if the Oxford Dictionary still carries the word loadshedding with it). A 2-phase(each shift of 4 hours at day and night) power cutting programmed enhanced by the Nepal Electricity Authority gets annoyed when unroutined lines are irregularly operated- I mean to say that they just do whatever they like, routine is a routine who follows that.

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