Prashant Tamang and the Nepalis Politicians

Is Prashant Tamang going to be the first Nepalis President? or Is he is going to join the GP Koirala’s cabinet member? Alas! who guarantees? Feed up of Nepal’s present political scenario, feed up of Nepal’s corrupt/Janata mara leaders? then you must read the lines below- because I am fed up too?

As far as I know this is the second time the 3rd Indian Idol Mr Prashant Tamang in the country. Initiated by a dream music video of a Prashant featuring Nepal’s top political leaders, singing the parody of uselessness and lingering system herein, I was inspired by my nightmare to post about the topic. Nepal ka neta ko kaam chhaina, Nepal ma neta matra dherai chhan, sabai jana bolchhan matra, koi pani kaam garera dekhau dainan, sasto bhasan garera lite ma aauna khojchhan- but their days are off now. I am happy to hear such words from newly born tyro television news stations here in Kathmandu.

We have voted him by spending money and time, Organizers, now, are looting we, people, by charging a high entry rate just to hear sounds of some Nepalis pop stars, and other Indian Idol finalists including Prashant himself. Even banning media from such events is highly a back-lauded piece of shit. And is this liberty- or the program should label PRIVATE strictly. Do you believe, we elected our Netas to corrupt more each day, to linger the process of development, to make Nepal even worst or to make it a failure nation. I am sure, it’s not only me, everybody today think about.

The 3rd Indian Idol Prashant Tamang surprisingly says he does not know what’s going on presently in Nepal. I’m in accordance with him, because even ministers and member of parliaments here in kathmandu doesn’t know what’s going on. Prashant is not to talk about. He is better than Nepalis politicians. A leader of a party can procrastinate a highly awaited and deserved function that could lead this nation to a logarithmic value of peace or even more mines and guns.

Whatever, can’t we discard things? to go to work as normal, I’m trying man, and I’ll certainly but who guarantees my safe returning to home after my school hours, who guarantees that I’ll have a bright future here in Nepal? Is this Mr Prime Minister or is it some one who is keenly waiting to have supremacy? It’s your world man, do whatever you like, we, the poeple, janatas, won’t bargain with corruption.

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