New Year and here we go again

grow your love in new year 2066 Unlike unflourished, uncherished, unperiled, unminded and unaccepted time that could always ruin the runless phenomenon and limits the wishes, the wishes for next new beginning, the hype, the only thought to live, the only frantic nightmare, the only packed up memory. It’s a new year for all the Nepalese- so wishing you all Happy New Year 2066BS.

We like to wish all Nepalis and all other people observing Nepali Culture around the world the very happy new year 2066 BS. Hope this year will bring Nepal- a real change to make it a New Nepal of deeds and the best written Constitution ever. Thanks to robots for visiting this post.(the only frequent visits to this blog)

No more words for this part of the earth- most untalked about, most unlikely to do about, and most unlike to change about. It’s a New Nepal with new faith that couldn’t grow in us(atleast me) for the new era. Leaving spans and creating skycrapers and craning them to dust and muds; and taxing and re-taxing for fueling and wasting your twice a-day daal bhaat.

With this new year Ekendra’s blog will be changed most probably the whole in concept, reality blogging, Nepali blogging, obviously what is seen will be blogged, hope my blog will be more retro and agonizing and degrading… but will be of truth and more about being pure Nepali.

Download calendar of 2066BS for Government issued Public Holidays in Nepal.

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